Fun With Frost . . .

“Some leaves hang late, some fall before the first frost–so goes the tale of winter branches and old bones.” ~ William Carlos Williams

Our first frost of Fall was light, but everywhere. Everything in the woods was sparkling in the early morning sunshine. It is extremely hard to take pictures that come even a little bit close to the twinkling sunlight hitting everything in sight. Capturing a photo that allows you to experience how every little move you make causes a glitter, sprinkling effect all around you is really impossible. However, I tried … I am posting the pictures I like best. But, I have to admit, the actual sights were much better then my pictures show.

I took a lot of Fun with Frost Photos . . . Click here (My Photo Page) to view more of them..

I have also gotten back into the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge. If you visit my Weekly Photo Challenge Page, you will see my entries for this week’s challenge “Hidden”.

~ by bearyweather on November 3, 2011.

14 Responses to “Fun With Frost . . .”

  1. These are stunning, esp the first one. Now I’m off to your other page to view the rest of your pics…

  2. It is so hard to get frost pics to turn out. I think you did a good job here. I like the first one best, too. I took one pic of frost this morning, but haven’t looked at it yet. I’m afeared. LOL!

    • Thanks. Nothing to fear … that is what is great about digital cameras. Besides, there will be more than one frosty morning. I am looking forward to our next one … I think I can do better. I look forward to seeing your frosty creations.

  3. Those are nice! I love seeing frost too, but although we’ve had some cold nights, it has been so dry that we have had little frost so far. I like your photo page!

  4. Hi Bearyweather, I just adore that top picture of the lovely leaf with Jack Frost on it. Frosty weather can be beautiful even though some plants get tender and nipped by the colder temps. Have a super day today!

    • It is the plants at various degrees of dryness that offer the most artistic display of frost. Frost is much more fun to photograph then … do I dare say the nasty four letter word? (I will whisper it, so it does not think I am calling it … snow) 😉

  5. Don’t shortchange your work. I think these pics are beautiful!

    • Thanks Jane. I am proud of some of them. The difficulty is that experiencing nature and trying to capture it are so different. Nature definitely does it better then me. I hope my photos allow people to feel a little bit of what I was fortunate to be surrounded with that morning.

  6. I know what you mean about capturing the sparkles and glitters of sunlight on frost. I think you did a beautiful job of it. 🙂

    • Thank you Robin. I have been waiting for mother nature to provide more sparkly days, but none have come my way. She is a bit gray and bitter right now … threatening ice and snow, but not mad enough to actually deliver it. Every day without the white stuff makes the winter shorter and more bearable. It has been a great Fall – – weather wise.

  7. Excellent photos, bearyweather!

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