Black Holes . . .


“In this world of change, nothing which comes stays, and nothing which goes is lost.”
~ Anne Sophie Swetchine

Do you believe in Black Holes? I’m not questioning the scientific ones found in space, unless there is a new controversy about them I am unaware of? The Black Holes I am asking about are a different variety closer to home … believe it or not, I think that I have a personal one that hovers around my house.

For the last month or so odd things have disappeared into a magical Black Hole at my house. The items have completely vanished. My very thorough and lengthy searches are never rewarded with finding it. The searches go on and on … I have discovered, however, that when I totally forget that it is missing this Black Hole decides to spit it out and give it back to me.  Like it is no longer interested in playing games with me … at least with that particular object.

holeinbarkForgetting it is missing is the hard part.  After I’ve searched everywhere for days and do not find it, the urge to look evaporates for a bit, but then is rekindled when something else reminds me of my lost item … so the process takes some time. As I gradually forget (give up, start believing it is hopeless and really gone), that is when the object magically reappears in a place I know I had searched many times in the past.

I have tried to trick my personal black hole by throwing up my hands and saying “I give up” and “it was not really that important anyway” and I might even slip in a .. “you can keep it, it is just ‘stuff’ “. However my looming black hole is smart and does not fall for that trick … it is all part of the game it plays with me. I absolutely must forget about it for a while, before it shows up again.

LeafyholeThis is not your typical, daily misplaced objects like car keys, a sock, or tv remote. No, these are more .. uncommon and not used very often objects that have a special place where they always are kept or are in a special out in the open place where I have put them because they need to be dealt with in some way.

“Remember that everyone you meet is afraid of something, loves something, and has lost something”  ~  Proverb



Currently vanished into the black hole is a coffee mug. I have a set of 8 mugs that match my dishes and they are kept on a special cabinet shelf all to themselves .. I currently only have 7. I do not use these mugs very often (I have other daily favorites for my coffee), so I have no idea why it is not in the cabinet with the others any more.  I live alone so there is no one to blame and mugs can not run away .. thus, my black hole theory.

Another item that is missing is a book I borrowed from my physical therapist that I need to return.. I set it out, so that the next time I headed in that direction I could return it. Now it is gone and it was not mine for the black hole to take. I am trying hard to forget about it so that it will magically reappear and I can return it. However, since it was not mine and I feel responsible, that is extra difficult.

A friend suggested that I need to make a deal with my black hole and volunteer to trade something for the book … the problem is that the black hole does not take things on trade or things that do not matter to me (like a stained shirt, a dish with a crack in it, or that annoying singing reindeer head someone gave me for xmas).

I know .. this black hole theory sounds crazy, right?  But, what else could it be?

“Black holes are where God divided by zero” ~ Stephen Wright

(Sorry, the math teacher in me had to include that one.)   😉

~ by bearyweather on July 26, 2014.

14 Responses to “Black Holes . . .”

  1. lol too funny

    try summoning it to you in a different way

    like imagine reading and using the information in the book for a specific purpose

    if you no longer really have that need nor that purpose, imagine the PT needing it or another client or caregiver having need of it for that same specific purpose

    mugs just seem superfluous!

    • My imagination is being stretched trying to imagine myself and my reasoning and what in the world I did with these things. If I was the book, where would I be? More like … If I were me (and I am) where would I put the book for safe keeping and yet out in the open so I would not forget to return it?

  2. Great post and love the photos that you chose to include.

  3. lol! Oh yes, I have a personal black hole, too. Some things are never returned to me. Or maybe the black hole is holding on to them until I’m too old to care. 😉

    • Robin, I am so glad to know I am not alone in having a personal black hole … have you thought about naming yours?
      I have had things come back to me when I am too old to care. Have found several things recently cleaning out my parents house that I lost 30 yrs ago

  4. A corollary: I’ve found that to seriously lose something, put it in a “safe” place.

  5. I love your illustrations with those holes in nature. I read sometime recently about a spiritual teacher who, when things disappear, just thinks—ahhh, it’s needed elsewhere. Not too many of us can summons that attitude when we want to find that missing item RIGHT NOW! grin.

    • Kathy, I actually thought about that, too. Maybe my black hole is more like Robin Hood and borrowing my things out to people who need them more.
      I have given up on finding these items “right now”, I would settle for next week. However not being able to find them makes me wonder sometimes if I am going crazy.

  6. My black hole has recently swallowed my favorite black sleeveless summer shirt! I really wish it would toss it back to me. The last one it swallowed did not regurgitate it for a couple of years and I’d gained weight and couldn’t wear it; hope that doesn’t happen this time, lol!

    • Unfortunately Suzi, I have found that things get tossed back when I have forgotten about it or don’t need it any more. I bet it gets tossed back as soon as the weather gets cool.

      … have you tried tickling it? or flattering it/trading it for a more colorful one (what does a black hole need with a black top?) 😉

  7. Perhaps the Gremlins are visiting you, Bearyweather 🙂 They’ve hit my place too, they seem to love the things you don’t use often but are needed when you need them…

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