Times Up for “New” Challenge . . .

“Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence.” ~ Robert Fripp

(also the engraving on my iPod ;-))


It has been over a week … did you try or do something new to meet my blogging challenge?

wineryTo meet my own challenge of finding/doing something “new”, I became a backyard tourist for the day and visited The Forestedge Winery (link)  near Laporte Minnesota. It is about an hour and a half drive from my home in the woods to the winery in the woods.
(click here for a newspaper article about the winery)

This winery has been making wine for many years (20+), but this was my first visit. And, even though I also saw the wine in the store many times, it was also my first taste. What makes this winery unique is that their wine contains no grapes. Instead, it is made with locally grown fruits. The wine has its origins on a small farm at the winery where they grow rhubarb, lots of rhubarb (one of their most popular wines). They also buy locally grown fruits for their other wine varieties (ie:  blueberry, raspberry, plum, etc…). All the wine is made and bottled at this small woodsy winery.  When you visit, you can request a free tour and enjoy free wine tasting (yes, it is FREE). This truly is an all Northern Minnesota wine that will definitely surprise you with greatness.
(Below find a local news video about the winery and how they make their wine:)

My visit started with wine tasting. After a quick lesson on the proper way to taste wine, we got down to wine business. I happened to mention that I don’t like rhubarb, so my friendly wine tasting teacher made that one my first to taste (with a big grin on his face). Besides not liking rhubarb (the fruit) I don’t like sweet-fruity wines, so I was amazed at how much I enjoyed their wines. Believe it or not, the wines and not heavy and sweet … they are crisp and smell so very good, fruity and natural. The rhubarb wine was a terrific white wine that any Pinot Grigio lover would prefer. During our wine tasting we were privileged to try about 10 different wines. My favorites (and the ones I chose to bring home) were the white cranberry (a lot like riesling), red cranberry, black current (dark red and crisp), rhubarb and apple (sweetest and lightest).
After wine tasting and feeling a little giddy from all the wine tasting (do people still use that word?) we enjoyed our picnic lunch with a glass of rhubarb wine at a shady, woodsy table on the winery patio and then browsed through the locally made crafts they sell in a little shop off the patio.

Here is a little math equation for you about my “new” thing …. a trip to the local winery …

Sunny + Cool 70º + Slight Breeze + Great Company + Yummy Food + Locally Grown Wine = Perfect Afternoon.



Drop me a comment or a link to your “new” blog post if you met my “new” challenge …
I am waiting to hear about your “new” thing!

~ by bearyweather on July 22, 2014.

13 Responses to “Times Up for “New” Challenge . . .”

  1. Yes, the best wines truly are the ones you drink with friends! Sounds like you had a lovely afternoon.

  2. I’ve been looking for something new for over a week, and it seems as though nothing wanted to present itself. Even though the challenge is over, I am going to see if I can find and event or something. After seeing your math equation and what it all equals, perhaps I’ll visit a local winery. You make the fruit wines sound delicious. I’ve tried them in the past (many years ago), and they were all so sweet. I may have to give them a try again if I find them somewhere. 🙂

    • Due date is flexible, especially since no one officially responded to my challenge. So, when new comes along, just let us know about it.

      Guess what? Yes, you can try them because you can order the wines from this winery online or call, they ship anywhere!

  3. I was thinking about you and your newness challenge when writing my blog post this morning, bearyweather. You have been inspirational! Thank you for pointing us all to newness. There is a lot of joy there.

  4. Darn it, I certainly planned to go out and seek something new for this challenge of yours but life just seemed to derail me. Love the idea of your winery visit.

    • Blogging deadlines are extremely flexible and I would still like to hear about your new find … I bet regular life presented you with something new … post any time.

      This post was mostly about reminding bloggers I had proposed a challenge in case they forgot (no one had come back to tell me about their “new”). 😦

  5. Here is my something new:


    There’s probably a pingback on the original post, but thought I’d let you know here, too, since you extended the deadline. 🙂

  6. Hi Bearyweather, I do forget things now and then, but I am nearly 60 so that happens. As far as black holes, yes, there are plenty here in my neck of the woods – some tiny, some hugs (we do not want to go there). Ha! Have a pleasant day today. Hope your lost comes back.

  7. meant to say huge not hugs. Excuse that typo.

  8. Love the best wines quote! Winery in the woods, I really like that!

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