My Photos

Nature photography is a passion of mine. I live in a very special place that most people can only visit on vacation. Here you will find my attempts at capturing it’s uniqueness and beauty.

(Link back to Fun With Frost Post)

(Winter Pictures December 2010)

(Fall pictures on October 10)

6 Responses to “My Photos”

  1. Your potographs are awesome. The flowers are pretty, but I especially love the river pics…I’ll bet that would be soemthing to kayak!

    • Thanks … I don’t think anyone kayaks Vermillion Falls … the river is wide and pretty entering it … but, all that water comes together and is forced through a skinny 10 ft opening in the granite … the lower part of the falls is fast running and rocky (class III rapids). The small park where I took the pictures also serves as the portage around the falls … kayaking at the bottom of the falls where is widens out again could be fun .. the river runs through a marvelous gorge and then into a beautiful lake. There is a hiking trail along the gorge, too. Nice vacation spot.

  2. The photos are fantastic, and your description of the area makes it sound like a truly wonderful place to live or holiday!

  3. LOVE these fall pics, esp. the first and third and the seed pod. Oh, who am I kidding? I love them all!

  4. woowwww!! awesome pictures! wish sometimes in my life, I happen to visit such a wonderful place esp. during the fall. šŸ™‚

  5. great shots here. so beautiful!

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