The Ladies are Here . . .

The gorgeous Showy Pink Lady Slippers are blooming, they just started a few days ago. These are the State flower of Minnesota and are very precious. These Lady Slippers are very picky about where they grow, they are one of the larger moccasin flowers (2-3 inches) and they only bloom for a week or two in June … I guess that’s what makes them so special. The State tries to protect them with laws. However, since they grow in remote places, the laws do not prevent everyone from picking them or digging them up to bring home to transplant (where they die almost all of the time). I have been tempted to try. Especially the year the phone company ran new fiber cable and went through a big patch I see on my way to work.

The Showy Lady Slippers captivate me and I stop to take pictures every year. I have even sat down to sketch them. So far this year, I only have a few pictures that have turned out. It has been so rainy and windy … they won’t sit still and pose for me. I am hoping the sun comes out before they finish blooming to take a few more pictures of them.

It seems like overnight, the rain has made the northwoods turn into a very colorful place. Wild flowers are popping up everywhere. The fields and open areas look like a painter decided to splatter paint all over the place. Here are just a few of the colorful plants brightening up my woods. Several of these wildflowers have the word “weed” in their name, but as you can see .. even if they are weeds, they do not look like a weed. (click to enlarge photos)

Wild Columbine:

Wild Blue Flag Iris:

Orange Hawkweed:

Dame’s Rocket:

Canadian Anemone:

Indian Paintbrushes (they glow):

Hemlock (very poisonous looks a lot like Yarrow):

~ by bearyweather on June 25, 2011.

19 Responses to “The Ladies are Here . . .”

  1. Beautiful flowers! The Lady Slippers are gorgeous! I can see why they are the state flower!

  2. I love the lady slippers. Once I lived in a place where they grew in profusion in along the back of our very large back yard. I looked forward to seeing them bloom each (late) spring.

    • I am so envious … they would make your backyard a priceless paradise (at least in my opinion). The closest ones to me were about 1/4 mile away they were on my daily walk (they were by a campground and a tourist dug them up one night – left big holes) … now, the closest ones (that I have found and are easy to get to) are about 5 miles down the road.

  3. Hello, beautiful ladies! How showy and fine you are, dear ladyslippers. I am intrigued thinking of you taking the time to sit by a ladyslipper to draw her curves and angles, bearyweather. That is so cool.

    • I only sat down and did that once, they were close to home and it was a very enjoyable thing to do. Sometimes I sit by the lake, looking at the flowers was just as relaxing for me.

  4. I loved walking through your garden. The lady slipper is especially beautiful. Thanks for sharing

    • I am glad you could take the walk. Come back in July, these are only the June flowers … most are leaving us and new ones are taking their place.

  5. I love lady slipppers, always such a treasure to find them when we are hiking! Love all your photos…wildflowers are beautiful!

    • I did not know that they grew in the south, I thought they were a northern flower. I agree, finding them growing in the wild really is a treasure.

  6. Hi Bearyweather, I have seen the Paintbrush, Iris, and Hemlock in person in various places between TN, CA, and TX where I have lived. You have shown outstanding pictures. The Lady Slipper is so exotic and lovely. Glad you have that beauty to enjoy! Glad conservation efforts are being undertaken. Have a super nice day!

    • The wet weather has been really good for the wildflowers this year … not so much for the people that live here, we are really craving sunlight. The amount of Hemlock I have been seeing around and how large they have gotten this year is rather scary. Hoping that no one picks it without know what it is …. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  7. The Indian Paintbrushes are amazing!

    • Their color is very shocking. My camera had issues with it, it took many tries to get a picture or two that were not overwhelming. They glow a neon orange and are scattered all over the place mixed in with other flowers. I always thought it would be great if they also glowed in the dark. 😉

  8. Oh, Bearyweather! It looks so beautiful. I want to visit your woods and admire all the wildflowers. 🙂

    Are the Lady Slippers a type of orchid?

    • You are welcome to come! (bring bug spray 😉 )
      Yes, the lady slippers are an orchid. We have several varieties of orchids. There is a rare white one, a small totally pink one, and two yellow moccasin flowers (small and larger) are just finishing up (I should have included a picture in my post, I found my first one this year) There is also an even smaller one that is very rare (on the endangered list) called a ram’s-head. I have a friend who has found a few and they promise to show me where to look.
      What is great is that July will bring a different bunch of flowers for me to hunt down.

  9. Great photos Beary, so much colour! It really makes me want to take a trip to the US to visit your beautiful state.


    • The colors are the payback for the extremely long and very white winter. Add Minnesota to your lists of adventures … you won’t be disappointed, the northern, wilderness part of the State is a daily adventure for me.

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