That Satisfied Feeling . . .

What comes to mind when you hear the word “satisfied”? Take a moment to think … When was the last time you felt really satisfied and what made you feel that way? Some people relate it to how they feel after they have eaten a great meal, others will recall how they felt when they finished a big project, still others for reaching a goal … those are all great, but what I want to discuss is the satisfaction we get when we let out our true feelings instead of holding them in and keeping them to ourself.

Caring for others is automatically built into our souls. Life experience can mess with it and teach us bottle it all up inside however, that is not natural. Inside we all feel, we care, we love … expressing our feelings, especially love, is what we are made for. Being satisfied with how we relate our feelings is not about what happens to someone else after we express it, it is not about “what is in it for me?” … it is that inner fulfillment that is hard to explain for doing simply what comes naturally … sharing all those loving thoughts that we feel inside … Satisfied, that we lived and fulfilled our purpose in life … to love.

Great thoughts, huh? I wish they were all mine, but I was inspired to think about this by a new song of Jewel’s I heard on the radio today called “Satisfied” … it made me cry, I bought it on iTunes (the acoustic version) and have played it many times today (and cried some more). It is not that it is a sad song, actually it inspires. The reason for my tears is because it expresses thoughts and feelings I have had in the past, in a clear loving way … I never really had the words to explain before.

You see, I am one of those people that have a problem expressing love in verbal way. I always break down and cry .. sad or happy, it does not matter there are tears when I express my deep feelings. I don’t usually hold my feelings in, I find other ways to show my love. The written word is 100% easier for me, so I opt for that method of expression quite often. After reading Gary Chapman’s book “The Five Love Languages”, it was clear to me that neither saying or writing the words were my main love language … Doing things for others to show my love, that is me – that is my main love language. Is this bad? No … any expression of love is great but, my difficulty with expressing it verbally is something I beat myself up over .. it is so frustrating. There are so many times I have walk out of my parent’s house wondering why I did not tell them that I loved them. It should not be a hard thing to do … but, it is for me … it is not natural for me, not comfortable (bringing them homemade jam, helping with a chore they can no longer do … that is my way). I suppose that this is why the song touched me … saying it verbally is something I would like to be able to do with grace (not tears).

This song took me to several places in my life … my last goodbye to a very close friend, a midnight conversation with my cousin about love languages, and my last visit with my grandmother. I had to ask myself why these situations came immediately to mind .. why not a million of others? And, I believe it was because these conversations were from deep in my heart … I let out those feelings verbally for a change and I had that special feeling inside afterwards … I was satisfied (and a little wet from tears).

Time with the people we love is precious .. we have no idea when we will see them again … or even if we will see them again .. we forget that. This song stresses that we can all feel emotionally satisfied if we are honest and open with those people we love … all we have to do is say it and mean it. And, if you are like me and have a problem saying it … find your love language and express in a way that is comfortable to you … don’t miss the opportunity … don’t live with that painful regret.

Here are the lyric’s to “Satisfied” by Jewel …. I think you will see what I mean. You can hear two versions of the song for free (acoustic and not) as well as an interview with Jewel here: Listen to Jewel’s song Satisfied.

If you love somebody
You better let it out
Don’t hold it back
While you’re trying to figure it out
Don’t be timid
Don’t be afraid to hurt
Run toward the flame
Run toward the fire
Hold on for all your worth
Cause the only real pain a heart can ever know
Is the sorrow of regret
When you don’t let your feelings show


So did you say it
Did you mean it
Did you lay it on the line
Did you make it count
Did you look ’em in the eye
Did they feel it
Did you say it in time
Did you say it out loud
’cause if you did hun
Then you lived some
That feeling inside
That’s called satisfied

Busy people walking by
Can’t help but worry some
With so many things to do
So little love gets done
Empty hearts everywhere
Drowning but dying of thirst
If we want love

It’s not that tough
Start by giving it first
It’s easy to give
Baby can’t you see
Just close your eyes open your heart
And do what comes naturally


Well did you say it
Did you mean it
Did you lay it on the line
Did you make it count
Did you look ’em in the eye and
Did they feel it
Did you say it in time
Did you say it out loud
’cause if you did hun
Then you lived some
That feeling inside
That’s called satisfied


Horses are built to run
The sun is meant to shine above
Flowers are made to bloom
And then there’s us
We were born to love
We were born to love

So did you say it
Did you mean it
Did you lay it all on the line


[Repeat Chorus]

~ by bearyweather on July 7, 2010.

6 Responses to “That Satisfied Feeling . . .”

  1. Oh I love Jewel’s new song, it’s wonderful! And great post- you make a very important point here… My mother always told me “love doesn’t mean anything as long as you say it out loud!” It’s not always easy to do that but I know she’s right.
    Perhaps that’s why writing always brought me great deal of satisfaction- at some level I know that I am telling a story to people and letting them know how I feel 🙂

    • Well, thank you very much for letting me know how you felt about my post. ;0)

      Did the song bring a tear to your eye, too?

  2. You know what is absolutely interesting? I heard that very song on the radio today! It is a risk to express our inner most thoughts and feelings, especially when in the past we have been burned because of it. But, I think that it is a risk worth taking. Even if its a real challenge. Tears are a-okay.

    Lovely post.

    • That is very cool … Serendipity!

      Maybe with practice it gets easier to express your feeling … or there are at least fewer tears. I don’t know … I guess the way things are now isn’t that bad … at least people know that I really feel what I am saying.
      Thanks for the comment … by the way …
      What did you think of the song?

  3. I really feel this post as I am sensitive and cry happy or sad. and that is a good book!

    • It is nice finding someone that can relate to my mushiness. I hope you liked the song, too.

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