Nature’s Trick and Treaters . . .

Halloween09The odds of trick or treaters showing up at my door in costume seeking candy are not very good. It is cold, snowy, and I am off the beaten path, back in the woods. I have candy .. just in case … and carved pumpkins … out of holiday habit and i love their warm glow and smell on these cold Fall nights.
I most likely will not have any human visitors tonight, however, that does not mean that I have not had my share of Halloween experiences today. Like “city” Halloweens of the past, there were many more treats than tricks … so far …

The treats ….
• Squirrel chowing down on pinecones.
• Beautiful scenery to take snowy fall pictures of.
• Ducks and geese adding life to the cold, icy lake
• An extra hour of sleep tonight (time change)
• Free time to carve pumpkinsSquirrel

The tricks …
• My hidden (because I have a tendency to lock myself out) extra set of house keys, were discovered, pecked and scattered around my front yard by a wood pecker.
• Raccoons flipping my birdbath over … again.
• Mother Nature dumping a surprise October snow.
• Squirrels chasing each other and all of the birds away from the feeder

Happy Halloween from the woods.
Please share your trick and treat nature experiences …

~ by bearyweather on October 31, 2009.

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