The Whimsy Challenge . . .

I believe one of Murphy’s Laws is that when you are truly looking for something, it is no where to be found.  When it comes to photo challenges, I take them seriously in meaning that I have to find something new, dipping into my photo history seems like cheating to me.  However, when it comes to  Karma’s topic for her latest photo hunt  “Whimsy”, I am going to have to dip into them this time.  Seems the more I looked for ‘new” pictures of whimsy this month, the less whimsy I saw.  The gray rainy days made finding playful, humorous, odd, fanciful sights really tough … everything I was seeing this month seemed to0 serious or just plain normal … (or maybe it was just my own personal rainy day/month attitude stomping out Whimsy?)

When I first heard the topic was Whimsy, the picture that came immediately to mind was from one of my first years in my new house .. years before I started blogging, so I have not posted the picture of my scarecrow (I don’t think).  Here it is, now … Some fawns were checking out and  playing with my scarecrow … Murphy laws visited again as the purpose was to keep the deer out of the bird feeders, not provide a playmate for them.

The squirrels also enjoyed playing with my scarecrow … this poor scarecrow was not scary to any critters even though he could swing around and move in the wind.  Instead, he became on object to tug on, climb, hide in, sit on and gradually he disintegrated as bits and pieces were torn off for bedding/nesting materials or just for fun.


Squirrels and chipmunks entertain me quite often, but I can not always catch them in the act with my camera.  Here is the typical Squirrel acting whimsical by teasing the dog/staring him down and an up-close and personal smile at the camera when caught in the bird feeder.


Anything having to do with “butts” will make a middle-schooler giggle … so, how about some Swan butts?Not the usual end we get to see.  With those long necks, they must be able to reach down at least 3 feet when they are upside-down.A whimsical sight on the river in the Spring time.
And, last butt ;-), not least the most whimsical critters I know and love … black bears, particularly the cubs. Whimsical sleeping positions (you knew the bears would be in my post somewhere, didn’t you?):

Now, that I have finally posted my “whimsy” hunt using old photos, I am sure I will find some new whimsy in the woods … especially when I stop looking for it.  And, I am looking forward to it popping up in my life…. we all need and want whimsy in our life to make us smile.


A Whimsical Note … turns out this was my 200th post at Bear In Mind.  Imagine that!  I can’t.

What was a whimsical fluke to start a blog in the first place turned into 200 posts here and a second blog of photos (Bear In Sight) …

Who knew?


~ by bearyweather on June 29, 2014.

8 Responses to “The Whimsy Challenge . . .”

  1. The swan butts made me smile. Must still be a junior high girl inside. 🙂 Congrats on your 200th post here. That is an admirable accomplishment, bearyweather.

  2. I got a kick out of your scarecrow results. We have had much the same. You reminded me that I haven’t seen a bear yet this season… have to get busy!

  3. Thanks so much for participating bearyweather! I love your photos, even if they do bring back memories of cold weather. Your take on whimsy is adorable.

  4. Your whimsical photos made me smile this morning, Bearyweather. Thank you. 🙂 I had a difficult time finding whimsy, and might not have if it hadn’t been for a friend. The strange thing is now that I’m not looking for it, it shows up all the time.

    Congrats on your 200 posts!

  5. Love the bear cub, that is truly whimsical.

  6. […] Ms. B – they are just guidelines as far as I am concerned. I just loved all your whimsical animal shots and you are so right, is there a more whimsical animal than a bear […]

  7. Wonderful whimsical additions to Karma’s challenge. The curious fawn and smiling squirrel are sweet and swans seem to do everything so elegantly. Bears usually frighten me but you seem to have captured them in positions that make them seem far less threatening. You took all these images and knit them together so well with your words.

  8. Hi Bearyweather, I sure do like the whimsy of your pictures. Squirrels are known rascals. The deer picture is fun too. Have a wonderful day and enjoy the antics!

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