Trapped, Send Help . . .

“We are all sentenced to solitary confinement inside our own skins, for life”.  ~ Tennessee Williams


Confine: restrain or forbid someone from leaving (a place). solitary confinement: imprisonment, internment, incarceration, custody, captivity, detention, restraint; house arrest. the confinement of an animal: caging, enclosure; quarantine.


Remember those old OFF bug spray commercials where the man put his arm in a container of thousands of hungry mosquitoes? (If not, you can see it for the first time here at YouTube). Those mosquitoes swarmed every inch of his arm and started biting immediately (and even after the spray I can see some on his skin). It makes my skin twitch to watch.

Life in the woods is the opposite of that commercial today. I am the one trapped in a box (my house) and billions of mosquitoes swarm my entire body if I step out the door (OFF is not working – I think they are hybrid mosquitoes that have become immune to our deterrents of the chemical kind).

  • Mosquitoes are not picky … they swarm and bite eyes, nose, face, neck, feet, hands, ears, etc .. any part of the body is fair game.
  • They are tough … they can bite through two layers of clothing – no problem.
  • They are sneaky and clingy … they hangout by the doors and windows, camouflage themselves in your clothing and hair just to get inside the house with you.
  • They are the enemy. I have been captured and am being held hostage in my own house.

When the mosquitoes are this abundant, there is not a lot you can do about it except stay indoors, pray for some heat and the dragonflies to return to work. The can of powerful bug spray is outside the door so that you can spray quickly and enter through the door without too many hitchhikers and stealthy sneakers getting into the house to torture you with their buzzing. One buzzing mosquito in a quiet room can drive anyone crazy, especially at night. Part of the emotional trauma they inflict happens after you have been bitten a few times. “Mosquito Syndrome”  develops shortly after a mosquito encounter, it is an affliction where you constantly feel phantom bites and swat invisible mosquitoes.

My escape attempt this morning was a failure. I knew it would be, I could tell from my window reconnaissance that I did not have a chance .. but, I had to try. The mail was waiting for me in the mailbox and the rain (which is never going to end this summer) was sitting on everything like jewels and I really wanted to get a few pictures. Yes, I knew they would outnumber me and attack on sight, but I knew I had a good supply of hydrocortisone cream for any itches I would suffer.  Bundled in long sleeves,  pants, socks, and hooded jacket (with hood on and tied tight) I ventured out the front door with my camera for a brisk walk to the mail box (normally less than 5 minutes). The enemy was on me before the door closed. The walk was mostly a brisk run with arms swinging, flailing and sometimes swatting mosquitoes. Stops for pictures were extremely quick, because that is when they piled on to tackle me down.  I was not prepared for the difficulty of breathing without inhaling a mosquito or two.  It was not pretty, but I survived for about 2 minutes and even clicked a few photos .. Take that mosquitoes!


They are definitely not my best pictures, because they were taken in the midst of battle .. mosquitoes biting legs, hands, face … blocking my eye sight .  However, I feel successful because I got some pictures … They might be a bit blurry and out of frame, but I got some … and you can not even mosquitoes in them (because they were all on me).


Honestly, I have never ever seen mosquitoes this bad in the 30 years I have been in the Minnesota woods. Our cool weather and unending bouts of rain for the entire month have made the woods a mosquito heaven. Our only hope of freedom is some hot weather to dry things up and a return of the dragonflies that normally keep the population under control. Trapped in the house because of the cold/wet weather and hordes of mosquitoes .. it is a summer like this that makes you ask yourself “why do I live here?” … then you see something like this and find your answer.


“Protect your vision.
Prevail over adversity.
Persevere in the midst of turmoil.
Passionately act upon your convictions.
Purposely walk into the day.”
– Mary Anne Radmacher

UPDATE:  Woo Hoo … having a short dry spell (thursday/friday) … It is still cloudy, gray, and thunderstorms are predicted for tonight and most of the weekend … BUT, I got out and took some wild flower pictures (they are here:  Wild Flower Pictures)

~ by bearyweather on June 25, 2014.

6 Responses to “Trapped, Send Help . . .”

  1. If one is not a dragonfly lover, they should be for the simply fact they take care of mosquitoes.
    Have you tried making a homemade concoction with essential oils to ward off the mosquitoes…perhaps they will work better than chemicals.
    I’ve started making my own blend this year and so far it’s worked well. Of course, they haven’t been too bad yet.

  2. I SO understand your predicament! What a mosquito year it’s been. Unreal. I haven’t seen this many mosquitoes since we were young whipper-snappers living in the woods (and maybe not even then.) I am laughing at typing the word whipper-snappers. That sounds like something a very old person would say. lol. Let’s just hope it all calms down in July.

    • It is still very wet and the Mosquitoes are still flourishing. There was a nice brisk wind yesterday that helped so much with the bugs. I am hoping that the horseflies and deerflies are not as abundant as the mosquitoes are this year … or I might actually go “cabin fever” crazy.

  3. Hi Bearyweather, Hope you are finally enjoying some sunshine and time outdoors. Yes, mosquitos are biting swarming and being a terrible nuisance – not to mention potential adverse health effects from being bitten. I am back from a trip out West to the wild country of Yellowstone. I camped in our trailer so it was plush but not glamping-style. Ha! I’ll be back to blogging in July. Have a tremendously good weekend!

    • I just got a new tube of hydrocortisone cream for the itching … saves the skin. Not sure what to use on the imaginary bites and itching, though 😉

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