A Wintry Rut . . .


Polar Vortex, severe wind chill (go to school anyway), endless piles of papers to correct, seriously ill family members, sadness (death of an uncle and a former student – so very young), five days out with the flu, snow shoveling, dog hair everywhere from my new roommate Ike, did I mention the Polar Vortex?  Back pain, physical therapy, hospital visits, lesson plans (and more papers to correct), helping sick family member with daily stuff, staff meetings that last too long after school, icy roads, high heating bills, short daylight hours (no sun), falling asleep in the lazy boy (@8pm) with a lap full of papers to correct, more snow and no one to plow, a never-ending pot of soup (why these seem to grow in the refrigerator overnight has always been a mystery), car window stuck in the down position (during polar vortex), unable to sit for periods of time (back), dishes piled up in the sink, … and more school work to catch up on.

And, the winter rut I am in continues … pulled in all directions by people and events and nothing in the direction I would prefer to go (ie:  wandering in nature, taking pictures, sleeping in, blogging, etc…).

Pictures of a wintry sunset from this week can be seen at my photo blog (bear in sight)

Oh, to be a bear and be perfectly happy to hibernate through the winter ruts … 😉

“If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant; if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.” ~Anne Bradstreet

~ by bearyweather on February 15, 2014.

9 Responses to “A Wintry Rut . . .”

  1. Bearyweather, I really feel for you. Sounds like you’ve had it rough this winter. Imagining how challenging it’s been at times. It’s interesting you haven’t heard anyone say you hate winter. Come to think of it, the majority of people are just grumbling about the length/severity. But I did hear some saying they hate winter. Blessings…and may the winter be over before we know it with good spring energy in tow.

    • “Spring Energy” .. yes, kathy that is exactly what I need in my life (and probably everyone else living through this cruel winter). Not happening today .. as I watch it snow again and knocked my back out again this morning coughing from the latest school bug … and so it goes. Funny how I am so used to things that it does not even phase me when the next thing happens … overall, life is good .. just some stubborn ruts in the way. Hope your winter has been kind!

      • I hope you’ve been feeling some spring energy lately, bearyweather. We keep getting hints of it. Such a long long winter…. But just think–you’ll be out of school before you know it!

  2. Here’s to hoping spring brings better things!

    • Thanks for the good wishes, Suzi. These annoying life problems are not unique to just me and even in the Spring, there will be challenges … it is the feeling of being “stuck” and unable to shake things up a bit that gets me down. Warmer weather tends to make it easier to handle.

  3. Late winter is always the hardest time of the year- we’ve been beaten down by the winter weather for long enough. Things will be getting better soon, Bearyweather!

  4. I hope things warm up for you soon, in all ways, Bearyweather. It sounds like it’s been such a rough winter for you. Sending you hugs, and some spring energy.

  5. I know winter will end soon but I can’t wait to get outside like you. Hang in there.

    • It was warmer yesteray … predicting 40’s above … wow, that will feel like summer time! Warmer temps make the snow and winter much more enjoyable …

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