Hunker Down . . .

What’s Coming Tonight?
Frigid Cold Blast, Deathly Cold, Record Lows, Massive Winter Freeze, Temperatures taking a tumble, Brutal Temps (exposed flesh freezes in under 5 minutes!), Polar Vortex, Fargo television “COLDEST, NASTIEST, BRUTALIST ARCTIC AIR IN YEARS”

Advice for Surviving:
Hunker Down, Snuggle Up, Batten Down the Hatches, Get Cozy, Brace Yourself, Hang on, Stay Warm, Cover Up, Don’t Venture Out … If you have to, have a winter survival kit in your car.


Keeping Feet Tucked In

The news makes this cold blast sound like it is the worst and first time all winter we have suffered with these temperature. It is the first time in the southern half of the State (including the Twin Cities), but it is not the first time we have hit temps on the lower extreme of the thermometer up here in the northern part of the State.

On Thursday my thermometer read -42º F until about 10 am (yes, seriously) throw in some wind to calculate windchill and I have no idea what the “real feel” was. I just know we still had school and the world continued to flow like normal except for a few cars that just could not handle it. When temps similar to these are going to hit the Twin Cities, though .. everything shuts down, people stay home and schools are cancelled Statewide.


Waiting Patiently and taking a Bow
(or warming one paw at a time?)

Honestly, I don’t think we should have started school on time Thursday .. it was dangerous out there. And, during the worst of this current deep freeze, I am limiting my travels and will stay indoors where it is warm as much as possible. What sort of annoys me is that our extremely low temps up here in the woods do not even make the news .. it is like we don’t matter or it is just expected to be that cold here. The Twin Cities will only be about -25 below tonight, we will probably be able to add 15 – 20 degrees more lower … but, that will not be a news headline.

People are looking on the bright side: “a week of this and will kill an invasive beetle”, “40 below keeps the riff-raff out”, “just a few more days and we will be above zero”, “the sun is shining”, etc…


My Fuzzy Weekend Guest

The bitter coldness has begun.  It was 37 below this morning and made its way up to 20 below this afternoon.  The critters are sharing the bird feeders politely (and are not very afraid of my and my camera), free time at home with no school stress feels great, the fireplace and warm sweaters are very enjoyable, the days are gradually getting longer, the sunsets have been glorious (see Bear In Sight post) and the best part has been spending time with my fuzzy weekend guest (as you can see, he likes the snow and makes the cold woods more “bear”able)

~ by bearyweather on January 5, 2014.

8 Responses to “Hunker Down . . .”

  1. That’s indeed cold! We haven’t seen temps like that here for about 15 years.

  2. Hi Bearyweather, Hoping all is fine for you and your family, friends, and the critters. It’s even going to be cold (relative term, I know…) here in Marion County, Florida – upper 20’s tonight and very low 40’s next couple of days during afternoon hours. So, stay as warm as you can and have a wonderful day tomorrow!

    • I am sure the colder temperatures in Florida have hardships attached to them, too. Guess I am lucky that I live in a State that is an expert in handling the snow and cold.

  3. I hesitated to press the “like” button. Brrrr! You Minnesotans have it colder than we do. All our schools were cancelled today and then again tomorrow, but it’s only about 10 below right now. It’s that wind chill which is so vicious. I almost frozen walking to the mailbox. You stay warm, bearyweather. Hibernate when you can…

    • I have been hibernating in my free moments … sleeping in this time of year is heavenly. It would be amazing to be able to wake and sleep with the sun … however, school does not work that way. I can feel the days getting longer, minute by minute 😉

  4. What a winter! One day we will look back upon it and talk about it in a more cozy setting 🙂

    • We will also have something to brag about and a tall tale to tell ….” remember 2014 when we were 20 below everyday for a month?” (I am sure the stories will grow through the years)

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