Bits and Pieces . . .

Made with a Love for Bears

Made with a Love for Bears

Bits and pieces, odds and ends, scattered thoughts, a little of this and a little of that …

The first bit … I would like you to take a look at the cutest, most life-like teddy bear I have ever seen. (It is being sold on Ebay this week as a fundraiser – link). It is designed after Hope the bear cub that was born on the internet from Ely, MN. (I have had many posts about the Ely Bear Center and Hope in the past).

The sale of this teddy bear is going to help improve the Bear Center which is in the process of building a learning center. (When you visit the Ebay link, be sure to scroll to the bottom and see all the terrific pictures of this special teddy bear and how it was made by hand.) I would love to bid on this one of a kind – gorgeous teddy, but the price is already up into the thousands of dollars.  I wonder if this will turn out to be the most expensive teddy bear ever?  Anyone know the record?

Snowy day

The start of today’s snow

Another piece … There are no worries here in northern MN about having a white Christmas this year … we have received lots and lots of snow the past few days with many more inches (10-15) to come today.  The worst part has been the stress of driving in this winter mess.  Well, the shoveling has not been much fun, either (who needs a gym membership :-)).  Today turned out to be our first “partial” school snow day of the year .. which allowed me to do something fun – catch up on my blogging world.  This big snow event (something the weather people like to call it) is taking place way too soon in the season for me, basically because the snows life here seems to be never-ending come Spring .  It could be here for another 5 months (or more, like it did last year).  But, it is beautiful to see … the snow fall today goes great with a fire in the fireplace and a steaming hot cup of special coffee.

Scattered thought … I see that I just presented a conflicted view of winter … however, I am not going to rewrite it .. I am conflicted about winter and snow.  I have a fluctuating love/hate relationship with it.  Like the picture I took of the snow today .. gray, blurry … rather dismal.  As opposed to the snow pictures I posted a few days ago on my photo blog (Wasn’t it Just Yesterday?).

An odd piece … Lately, this consumerism season we are in has become irritating for me.  On NPR today, that was the topic of discussion that caught my ear on the drive home (in a foot of blowing snow).  Why is it “Giving Tuesday” is put off until after all the manic shopping days?  Maybe it is a way of paying for the guilt of all the self-indulgences Black Friday and Cyber Monday invoke? It is sad that Christmas seems to get lost in the “sales” and “special deals”.   I am not a big shopper and I am definitely not a “Black Friday shopper”. There is absolutely nothing in this world I need (or want) that badly to fight my way through that shopping battle … Cyber Monday is more my style but, only for very special deals and things I may have had my eye on for a while.

The end piece … another frustrating shopping issue that popped up this month has to do with various companies.  For instance, the companies who have shrunk their products and charge the same amount or even a little bit more … (Specifically .. shame on you Charmin for taking 1/2″ off the width of the roll of tp and on Kashi who has removed a whole serving of cereal out of my favorite box of Cinnamon Harvest.)  What happened to the days of companies offering generous perks to us for choosing their products?  The competition to provide the best product for the best price?  I dislike how they get sneaky and hide the fact that they are raising their prices. (I will stop now before it turns into a rant :-))

A little of this …  a little bit of snow, tiny dust like snowflakes sure pile up fast and blow around in a fury.  Similarly, a cup of comfort food this time of year sure goes a long way to adding warmth and peace to your soul.  The holidays are filled with special foods and treats that are traditional and awaken many memories.  However, there are many ordinary foods that provide much comfort during these cold winter days … like potato chowder soup, homemade bread, fresh-baked pie, warm cookies out of the oven, a hot cup of cinnamon apple tea, a bowl of popcorn, etc … it does not take much to make you forget all about the cold outside.  What is your favorite winter comfort food?

Snowy day2

Snowy afternoon in the woods

Thinking fragments reality – it cuts it up into conceptual bits and pieces.  ~  Eckhart Tolle

~ by bearyweather on December 4, 2013.

13 Responses to “Bits and Pieces . . .”

  1. I’ve noticed how they’ve cut product content and quality in many products. I find it frustrating. Love the snow on your blog!

    • I wish I could ship 1/2 my snow to you so you could enjoy it in person. 😉 We had another foot of snow last night … it was pretty falling, but it sure is deep and causing a lot of extra work. I love your blog, too.

  2. very nice blog

  3. Oh thank you for posting a link to the auction for Eveleth, I am so glad you like her. A friend of mine, another bear maker had a bear sell for over $10,000 on Ebay, so dear Eveleth has a way to go.

    • When I saw her she melted my heart (just like Hope did) … she is just gorgeous … I had to spread the word. Joanne, you have made a wonderful gift of love for our MN bear center. Sending a bear hug to you … Thank you!

  4. Your snow is beautiful, Bearyweather, and I love your painting-like images. The bear is beautiful, too (and well out of my reach — I hope it brings lots of money to the bear center). The ever shrinking products make me want to rant, too. It messes with recipes as well as our wallets. I have recipes that call for a 16-oz. can of tomatoes, for instance, but there’s no such thing anymore. First they went down to 15 oz. Now it’s 14.5 oz. Maybe less? I started canning my own tomatoes so I could avoid getting less for more.

    I understand your love/hate relationship with snow, although I think it will be the snow I miss most about the weather in northeast Ohio.

    • Thanks … those were done with a natural filter … it was snowing really heavy ;-).

      We had a very cold weekend … 30+ below with a high about 10 below … that makes the snow tougher to live with.

      The bear sold today for $11,200 … wow.

  5. FYI … Eveleth, the bear sold for $11,200 … Wow, what a bear!

  6. Hi Bearyweather. Good about that stuffed animal bear going for lots of $. I am definitely not conflicted about cold weather – it will be 80 here in Florida tomorrow (Sat.) and only 43 where I used to live up in Tennessee. I don’t miss snow or ice much. Have a tremendously nice weekend!

  7. First of all, are you an Eckhart Tolle admirer as well? Second, I have a love/hate relationship with winter as well. It’s OK when you don’t have to drive in it. It’s darn beautiful until you start to skid…

    • Merry Christmas Kathy
      I can not say I purposefully search for Eckhart Tolle quotes or anyone else … I choose words that mean something to me and fit my posts … I am now curious about finding out who’s words I have chosen the most often (totally coincidentally).
      The snow and the sunshine is beautiful today … but, with temps still 25 below I think I will stay in and hibernate in my bear den today. (if the winds would have been here like predicted, wind chills were suppose to be 50 below … crazy)

      I tried to “picture the cold” over at “Bear In Sight

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