Need a “Bear” Fix? . . .

For a bear lover, it is amazing that I have not written about bears for quite a long time.  Therefore, I would like to remedy that.

Unfortunately, I have not seen any bears this season to provide you with new pictures .. but, here is one from 2 years ago that I don’t think I have posted before.  That was the summer when I was entertained by numerous bear cubs at the Bear Sanctuary near Orr Minnesota.  There is a great new video on the home page about the sanctuary, the life of the wild bears there and how you can watch them … lots of bear footage in their natural environment.


On the news front, the Wildlife Research Institute in Ely Minnesota is facing significant legal issues with the DNR.  The DNR is trying to prevent Lynn Rogers, the Institutes head biologist from walking with the bears.  They want the GPS units that monitor the bears in the study removed (so they will lose track of the bears they have been following for 4 decades) and are forbidding the Institute from putting cameras in the bear dens this winter.  I find this extremely ridiculous … The bear den cams over the past 4 years has educated and entertained the world all about bears.  Remember the first live birth on cam?  It is amazing and I do not see how the cameras are disturbing or hurting the bears .. they don’t even know they are there.  (Okay … I am taking a deep breath).   If you would like to find out more about the Research Institutes battle with the DNR, start here.

Also in the news, bear hunting season started this weekend in northern Minnesota.  I have written about “bear baiting” before, so I will spare you a rerun.  Others are trying to help out in this area, especially in the bear study zone.  (See update)

Since I have not had the pleasure of watching the bears this summer in my area, I have been enjoying the grizzly bear photos and posts by Christopher Martin Photography.  The post with pictures of a mother grizzly playing with her cub on the beach is my absolute favorite … check it out (and the other grizzly bear posts he has from the last week or two), the bear photos are amazing!

I hope I have provided enough videos and links to photos to satisfy your current bear needs.  😉

Need a wild flower fix?  Check out my Fall Flowers post at Bear In Sight.

~ by bearyweather on September 2, 2013.

11 Responses to “Need a “Bear” Fix? . . .”

  1. Thank you for this great blog ..

  2. I have seen only one this summer too, but there was fresh scat on an old logging road I was on yesterday. I made four trips into Grizzly country so far this summer, but saw no bears there either.

    • I am afraid the only bear I will see this year is going to be one that did not survive the hunting season in the back of a pickup truck. Next Spring, a trip to the bear sanctuary is on my list to see the new batch of young cubs.

      There is a new article about how biologists everywhere should be joining forces to help Lynn Rogers bear study fight the DNR … this fight could change the study of wildlife all over the country and we would lose so much knowledge of our wilderness.

  3. Hi Bearyweather, I hope all will be well with bear research. Sometimes agencies and organizations have conflicting, seemingly well-intended goals. Hope it all works out fine. Nice photo by the way. I saw a Black Bear cub about a month ago crossing the highway between Ocala and Daytona. Heavy forest area. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. I find that ridiculous, too. I find a LOT of politics ridiculous. You always wonder exactly where they’re coming from and why. Enjoyed that first pic a lot. Have never taken a photograph of a bear, ever. In fact haven’t seen one in a long time…

  5. The last bear seen in my neck of the woods was about a decade ago when a young male wandered into a local river valley from a nearby state. Bears are awesome creatures, I understand your fondness of them Bearyweather 🙂

  6. I thought of you when I saw the update on June on Facebook. 😦 I hope the Research Institute wins their fight with the DNR.

    • OMG .. sadness! I have been so busy and out of touch I did not hear about June. It makes me sick inside.
      I just read all the updates … the DNR is not treating the Institute fairly at all and are being rather heartless about June’s death giving them no details .. not even stating for sure whether she was shot or killed.
      Hopefully the bears will all den up today and get out of harms way until this goes to court. Fall is definitely here … our peak color is just ending (thanks to these last couple of days with wind and rain)

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