My Company of Friends . . .

During the school season, I find it very hard to clear any space in my head to make room for thoughts about anything except what I have to get done and planning new lessons. Now, that it is summer (and my first summer off from work in 20 yrs) there is room in my head for other things … I can relax, just be, and think about deeper things … like life.  😉

Currently we are being blessed with the best summer weather I can remember having … ever.  Low humidity, high temperatures in the 70’s, blue skies, evening coolness for sleeping (40-50).  I have been filling my days with lots of quiet time in the woods,  berry picking, walking, reading in the sun, some hard yard work and contemplations.

All of this plus my family photo work (I wrote about few posts back) has my mind revisiting turning points in my life, family, friends, work, and what is really important … what really matters. The other day, I heard this song on the radio.  I have heard it many times before and liked it, but this weekend it turned into a “partial” answer to my contemplations.

It presented me with questions … Are my beliefs visible in my life? Do people know me by what I do and say?  Do my friends feel my friendship and love?

There is nothing I can add to this songs simple musical thoughts …. I just felt the need to share this song with “My Company of Blogging Friends” … I appreciate all of you very much for your insightful thoughts, occasional laughs, beautiful sights and blogging support.  Please listen to this beautiful song with me and take a look at my summer photos.  Maybe it will inspire you to make your own list of what you believe, like it did me.

If you have not visited “Bear In Sight” my photo blog, you may be wondering if I still take pictures?

YES, I have been taking a lot of summer photos (like the one below).

Please stop by and visit my most recent photographs:  Butterflies, New Growth, Lady Slippers, Fireweed, and this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge – Fresh


wild honeysuckle/columbine

Here are the lyrics to the song:


When I die, let them judge me by my company of friends
Let them know me as the footprints that I left upon the sand
Let them laugh for all the laughter
Let them cry for laughter’s end
But when I die, let them judge me by my company of friends

When I die, let them toast to all the things that I believe
Let them raise a glass to consciousness
And not spill a drop for grief
Let the bubbles rise at midnight
Let their tongues get light as thieves
And when I die, let them toast to all the things that I believe

I believe in restless hunger
I believe in red balloons
I believe in private thunder
In the end I do believe

I believe in inspiration
I believe in lightning bugs
I believe in slow creation
In the end I do believe

I believe in ink on paper
I believe in lips on ears
I believe what’s shared is savored
In the end I do believe

I believe in work on Sundays
I believe in raising barns
I believe in wasting Mondays
In the end I do believe

I believe in intuition
I believe in being wrong
I believe in contradiction
In the end I do believe

I believe in living smitten
I believe all hearts will mend
I believe our book is written
By our company of friends

Copyright 2007. Words and music by Danny Schmidt.

~ by bearyweather on July 22, 2013.

9 Responses to “My Company of Friends . . .”

  1. Bearyweather, I do appreciate you, too. Thank you for this sweet blog post. I believe in contradiction, too…and that all hearts will mend, especially if we live smitten. Are you feeling a little cold up in Minnesota today? It’s been in the 50’s and raining for two days here and I’m ready for it to return to the 70’s…

    • We had that weather, too. Yesterday’s high was 62 and it was 42 last night. However, I am not going to complain … I really like it this way compared to the hot and humid we had right before. Today is sunny and about 70 .. perfect! I am sure it will be in your area tomorrow!

      • It’s supposed to be heading this way… I’m ready for that “perfect” again.

        • Accuweather predicted frost for us last night (in July?). I did not want to take a chance so I protected my plants and built a fire in the fireplace. They were wrong (did not go below 40) .. now I feel like I played a part of a practical joke as I told others to cover their plants, too. Strange, strange weather ….

        • “Perfect” has been here for almost two weeks, now. I love it … but, carefully hold my breath waiting for the heat of summer to revisit us. Ironically, it will probably happen when school starts … but, for now I am going to soak up the perfect for another whole week the weather experts say … woo hoo.

  2. Thank you for alerting me to that amazing song. I appreciate you and the beauty and wonder you share, here with all of us. (hugs to you!)

  3. Great song, Bearyweather. I’ve never heard it before. Thank you so much for sharing it. So glad you’re having a perfect summer in terms of weather, and your balance of activities. 🙂

    • Robin,
      You are welcome my friend … I am glad you liked it.
      My summer comes to an end one week from today … I am in mourning for the loss of my summer freedoms.

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