Squirreling Around . . .


napping in the moss

Squirrels … Squirrels impart a love hate relationship with most people.  If you search online, you will find much squirrel humor as well as squirrel annoyances.  There are children “squirrel” songs and poems and plenty of “nut” jokes.  There are very few quotes about squirrels, however, there are thousands of pictures.  Many of which also have a saying and/or Photo-Shopped additions to make them funny.

Squirrels are cute … yet, devilish.  They get into trouble and then look back at you all cute and innocent-like.  They steal, chew holes in things and crawl into places they don’t belong.  Then, they entertain us by doing amazing acrobatic feats in the trees.  They are very clever problem-solvers and can eventually find a way to prove that no bird feeder is squirrel proof.  They beat up on the smaller, more timid (and cuter?) chipmunks.

We use squirrels to describe people’s behavior:

squirrel something away to hide something or store something in the way that a squirrel stores nuts for use in the winter.

Squirrely –  Nervous, hyper-concerned, protective, stingy out of fear.

Squirrel aroundTo move or search erratically,  especially as if hurried or confused

In the Art Show this month

In the Art Show this month

The annual juried artshow in my area once again chose one of my squirrel pictures for the show this month.  When it comes to my photos, it never fails that people find that they love one of my squirrel or chipmunk pictures the most.  I don’t really understand it,  because they are not my favorite photos.   Personally, the squirrels cause me much angst some days … yet, I enjoy taking the photos and I have hundreds of them.

Guess if you can’t out smart them, you might as well take photos of them.

Squirrels do provide entertainment at my house … finding creative ways to get into the feeders and the spontaneous squirrel wars (the chases and battles to force other squirrels out of the feeders).  Personally, they irritate me by stealing anything made out of fabric strand by strand (the scarf on my wood bear welcome sign, the clothing off the scarecrow, the strands of fiber from the coconut lined planters), using my porch chairs as a toilet, crawling in the chimney vent, storing seeds and pinecones in my car and garage, etc …. but, that is life in the woods I guess.

More squirrel/chipmunk pictures taken this week …. click to enlarge them:

~ by bearyweather on July 19, 2013.

7 Responses to “Squirreling Around . . .”

  1. Many consider squirrels pest. I do admit they eat the majority of the bird seed I put out. Still, I think they are adorable! Great pics.

  2. I love the pictures! We had a squirrel stay with us all winter and well into spring. Then she suddenly disappeared, I hope to move on and have her own family. She caused us very little trouble and gave us a lot of pleasure just watching her, and we really miss her now.

    • Montucky … I would gladly ship you a few. I feel like I am raising them as their numbers have multiplied a lot this summer. I can tell which ones are the young ones because they still get along and will eat together in the same feeder. I really need a natural predator to visit my yard for a week or so. Calling all owls, foxes, and hawks …

  3. Hi Bearyweather, This post on the Squirrels is one of my favorites of your blog posts. Fine photography and entertaining writing. Yes, these little critters are interesting to watch but are at times full of innocent mischief! Have a really great Tuesday tomorrow!

  4. Squirrels are sly that way… getting themselves chosen for the annual juried art show. Congratulations, Bearyweather! Funny how other people favorite images that are not necessarily our own favorites. I’ve noticed that with my photos, too. Your squirrel photos ARE wonderful so it’s no wonder they get chosen. 🙂

    • Good point Robin … squirrels are pretty sly and sneaky about things. They must sit there chattering at me to get me to come out with my camera and then they show off .. just to become famous. 🙂

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