Taking Photos Amid the Bugs . . .

“Why didn’t Noah swat those two mosquitoes?” 

~Author Unknown


One side of one ankle at 4 pm Sunday, July 7th 2013

The bugs have been ruining my outside time this summer.  However,  I have been getting out to take photos (long sleeves, pants, boots, hat and bug spray required).  I am getting reacquainted with my camera that sat in its case way too much during the school year and trying out some new settings (and swatting bugs … lots and lots of bugs) so not every picture turns out excellent … but, I am having fun treasure hunting with my camera in the woods.

The mosquito picture above is just a quick glimpse of the buggy situation I am faced with this summer when I head outside to take pictures (or do anything else).  Every time I go out I am facing a bug battlefield.  Granted, this picture was without socks or bug spray (it was just a quick trip to the bird feeder), but even with spray there are millions of them still around to “bug” you.  Usually the mosquitoes are a Spring irritant and they fade away in the heat of the summer … this year they will not go away.  In the past few weeks  hordes of deer flies and horseflies have joined them.  At times, they swarm so thickly in the heat it could make you believe that you are in the middle of a horror movie.  The woods are known for having bugs, the birds and plants need them and we learn to live with them. (and now that the snow is finally gone we have something else to complain about ;-)) However, this year, the number of bugs is extreme .. I have never seen them this bad before.

Lately, I have not been posting as often here at “Bear in Mind” …. basically because “Bear in Mind” requires me to think about life, relate life to nature and try to write those thoughts down (a requirement I put on myself for this blog).  After a long school year, my “mind” is rather tired of thinking deep thoughts  (although it is finally relaxing a bit).  Posting just photos and maybe a few quotes on my photo blog Bear in Sight has been a lot easier on my “mind”.
So, I invite you to check out some of my northwoods “sights” (my recent photos) at Bear in Sight.

Red-Tailed Hawk

A Young Red-Tailed Hawk

~ by bearyweather on July 7, 2013.

8 Responses to “Taking Photos Amid the Bugs . . .”

  1. Love the hawk! Share your dislike of the bugs.

    • Thanks. The hawk was a drive by shooting (with my camera) … he did not like that I stopped and took off pretty quick. I see so many things every time I get in the car and go somewhere. If my camera is with me, I need to leave early or I will be late 😉

  2. I have never in my life been so annoyed with the skeeters. Drat them! Why are they even getting in the house? *grin*

    • On the radio yesterday I heard that we have 9 different varieties of mosquitoes. Even in the cities where they spray they are having issues with them this year. Can’t open the door without little buggers of some sort sneaking in … then there are the hitchhikers that hide in my hair or clothing and come in.

      • I just came inside AGAIN because there were all alighting on me and threatening to ruin tea on the deck… 😦

        • I wish I had advice for you so that you could enjoy some outside time … I have tried the candles and they don’t work. I have used a fogger around my porch but it is temporary and I am pretty sure it is very good for me.

  3. It’s a buggy world this year, that’s for sure. I would not have been able to take that photo of all the mosquitoes. I’d have been too busy swatting at them. lol! Love that shot of the hawk, and I’m so glad you’re enjoying time with your camera, even if it means swatting at the bugs.

    • Let me assure you … it was an extremely quick shot with lots of swatting and squishing afterward. One good thing about mosquitoes, I was quicker then they were … they land and take a few seconds to get positioned before they bit … unlike those biting flies that seem to be able to land and bit in the same second.

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