Alien Nature . . .

“Nature is a mutable cloud which is always and never the same.” 

   ~  Ralph Waldo Emerson


There are some strange and alien things living out in the woods of northern Minnesota.  Granted many things out in my woods would be foreign and strange to people who do not live here.  People who have only lived a city life or a life in a desert or jungle would find much of my woodsy world strange and alien.  Just like I would find many things in their daily lives a bit strange, too.  However, these recently discovered alien things are strange to me, someone who has lived here most of my life.

Fungus can grow in to some of the most alien-like forms imaginable (like in my first picture) … throw in a beetle/bug in just the right place and you have an alien face.  This fungus creature seems to be escaping from the inside of the tree … entering the woods where it is an alien life form of the Minnesota woods.

“There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion.”    ~  Francis Bacon


Other objects like the green balls growing on an oak tree (there are many of them – 1″ diameter).  Maybe I have seen too many strange alien movies, but they remind me of alien eggs and I wonder what is going to crawl out of them when they pop open.   (I did look them up and eventually something is going to come out of them … depending on what color they turn in a few weeks either a type of wasp or a worm that will burrow into the ground and do something to the roots of the tree will pop out of these green balls).  There are also a few abnormal looking plants out there that look like they belong in a sci-fi movie.  Some appear like they could be the sources of some kind of alien disease that is going to spread lethal spores in the air throughout the woods..

These natural aliens are strange to me and standout as being totally different from the other life growing all around them.  They appear not to belong … yet, they are a part of the nature of the area … so they must belong here.

We too can feel like aliens in our natural settings.  There are times when we feel we don’t fit in or we don’t belong … we may even be in a familiar place but for some reason we see ourselves as “different” or strange .. standing out in an uncomfortable way.  (those around us  do not see us that way .. but, we do).

I know for me being a single girl in a “coupled” world there are places and situations that make me feel like an alien … like a don’t belong.  This country girl can feel also feel an uncomfortable, alien, strangeness when in the big city … yet at other times, will feel a part of a city.  What determines my reaction is a mystery to me.

There are also some places I know I would never be comfortable because they are too alien to me. (ie:  a biker bar, a rap club, a fancy/expensive french restaurant)  I bet you can think of some alien places, too.

Strange … how our inner thoughts can make us feel like an alien.  When and/or where do you feel strange, like you don’t belong … when/where do you feel like an alien or like you are living in an alien world?


~ by bearyweather on June 30, 2013.

9 Responses to “Alien Nature . . .”

  1. That first picture is crazy…looks like a sea creature crawling out of a tree!
    There are social function I feel like an alien when in attendance. But I’m oh so comfortable at home, by the river, or in the woods!

    • I thought the same thing .. the fungus look similar to clam shells. I had glimpsed it a few times on my walk and did not give it a second thought. However, that day the beetle gave it an eye which totally transformed it … changed it into something that looked alive!

      Home is my most comfortable place, too (and that is what makes it a home) .. as for the woods, it is probably needless to say … is also my home.

  2. Yes, indeed, there are many strange alien creatures in the woods. (Love that first photo especially!) Speaking of oak galls, I once wrote a blog post about them and had hundreds of people visiting my blog for two years afterwards searching for information about them. I wish you the same luck!

    • So what popped out of your galls?
      Did they kill the tree? I have been wondering if I should go cut them off.

      Since I did not provide anything more than a picture and a general statement about what I thought they were, I do not think people will visit my blog to learn about them .. they will have to go to wikipedia or a plant site like I did.

  3. Nature indeed comes up with some very alien things! For example, House Centipedes always seem to me like they came from outer space…

    It’s easy for me to feel ‘out of place’ in crowded settings. I’ll take your woods over a crowd anytime!

    • House Centipedes … I don’t think I have ever seen them. They are creepy, crawly things so I know I would not like them.
      I have chosen the woods, too … just gets lonely in big doses and I have to shake myself up a bit.

  4. The fungus is amazing. It looks like clam shells. We’ve had oak galls, too, from some kind of wasp.
    I feel alien where I’m living now. I’m not accustomed to the intensity of the heat and the humidity, or the wildness of the marsh, meadows, and woods. And when I put on all of my insect-repelling gear, I suspect I look very much like an alien. lol!

    • I look like an alien when I go outside, too. Sounds like my weather was not much different from yours over the past week or so … the humidity makes it so miserable.
      I suspect that your new home will lose its “alieness” shortly as you tame the wild parts and it begins to feel more familiar…. I bet your Fall weather will be great!

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