Early Morning Birds in the Woods . . .

A bird is three things:Feathers, flight and song,And feathers are the least of these.  ~  Marjorie Allen Seiffert

The loud argument started at about 5 am.  From all of the squawking going on, most would assume murder was eminent or some major crime was in progress.  From the tree tops the screaming “caws” and “crucks ” from numerous ravens filled the woods. Those nerve irritating sounds (songs?) are what make ravens hard to like.  Their morning turmoil did not cease, it increased in intensity and it continued for such a long time that even though I was tired, I was about to get out of bed to look around for the cause of the outburst and probably shout outside myself for them to “be quiet”!  But, the loon beat me to it.  The loon scolded them with great gusto three or four times, then things calmed down for a while.

Shortly after that, the fly-catcher took up its hunting post on the top of my open bedroom window.  Wing flapping and an occasional “fee-bee” was a gentle nudge  to get me up.  They are fun to watch because they are flying wonders as they scoot around like a helicopter to catch all those bugs.  One fly-catcher couple has a nest on my front porch light.  I value their big bug appetites so much I don’t even mind the bird poop in the nest area. 🙂


RU Looking at Me?

(Click here for more pictures of “I caught you looking at me”)

Upon rising, the blue jays and grosbeaks were in the front yard waiting for me to fill the feeders and scavenging the ground around the feeders for spillage.  I don’t know where the 30-40 goldfinches, purple finches and other small birds disappeared to … maybe too busy raising young to visit my feeders?  I female robin was having great success on her morning worm hunt … I actually saw her find two.  (sorry, no pictures … I was afraid to move to get my camera that she would fly away … sometimes, it is more important and enjoyable to quietly watch nature then to photograph it.

Needless to say … when its time to fill the feeders the squirrels and chipmunks are more impatient with me then the birds.  I don’t concern myself with their seed begging, there are multitude of natural seeds out there in the woods for them to eat.

Below is a another unique sight this week … similar looking squirrel and bird moving together on the ground looking for seeds.  (You will have to click on the image to enlarge it so that you can see them .. they are camouflaged)


~ by bearyweather on June 13, 2013.

7 Responses to “Early Morning Birds in the Woods . . .”

  1. Bluejays are so pretty but they can be so mean! And loud!

    • I must have a batch of “Angel” bluejays as I have not noticed any meanness (they even wait their turn for seeds) … maybe they are more aggressive if there is not enough food around to share? Compared to the ravens they are silent. I find them comical at times.

  2. You have pretty birds there. I’ve only seen flycatchers once, here in AZ, and they were vermilion.

    • Yes, the birds are pretty and fun to watch. This picture of the bluejay displays some of his attitude. The baby flycatchers hatched this week .. when mom and dad are gone, I am going to try and get a picture of them.

  3. Ahhh, the delight of summer in the woods! Guess you can’t sleep in very late. 🙂

  4. “..sometimes, it is more important and enjoyable to quietly watch nature then to photograph it.” Yes. 🙂

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