A Summer Slug . . . ?


Rainy woods

Don’t underestimate the value of Doing Nothing,
of just going along,
listening to all the things you can’t hear,
and not bothering.
– A. A. Milne (Winnie-The-Pooh)

Oh my … school has only been out for 8 10 days and I am afraid that I have already become a summer slug!

Sitting at my computer in my pajamas with a cup of coffee for hours every morning. Staying up late, very late sometimes (because I can). Sleeping in (I was up late). Not finding the desire, need, whatever .. to go back to school for a few hours to finish up some cleaning I left undone (paper sorting/tossing). Staying home as much as possible. Watching too much on Netflix. Playing games on my iPad. Taking naps. Sitting outside watching the birds, the lake or around a campfire.

It is not that I am totally idle … I have been thoroughly cleaning my house (no time during school months), cooked for and held a double birthday party, worked in my yard (spring pick up, grass cutting, planting), learning new software for work, sorting through 7 years of personal paperwork that had piled up, writing and reading blogs, working on websites for school, taken my camera on walks, … however, I still feel like I am being a slug.

Maybe the lack of due dates, class bells to regulate my day, job demands, no responsibilities, the complete freedom to choose how I spend my day (and night), (plus gray, rainy weather for most of the days) causes the “slug” type feeling I have. Is this how retirements feels and why so many retirees get part-time jobs?

Maple Seeds/Cloudy Day

Maple Seeds/Cloudy Day

School teachers have a strange challenge to find balance in life.  It is not a daily or weekly balance .. it is a seasonal balance.  For me, it is 9 months of the year on the school treadmill of work 24 hours a day, everything – even weekends and sleep are scheduled and revolve around school.  The absolute freedom that summer will bring is something I truly look forward to.  From experience, I  know that it is difficult to switch between these two extremes of life … but, once I am into one of them, I am in.

Daydreaming at the Lake

Daydreaming at the Lake

When I realized I was going to have my first summer off in almost 20 years, I stocked up on all the things I have wanted to do during past summers just to avoid the “slug” feeling. A new sewing machine, new drawing set, new camera (waiting for a sale in my cart at Amazon), gardening plans, painting projects, … road trips, too?   It was quickly apparent that I would not have time to do it all this summer, but I was prepared for my free time.

Men of lofty genius,
when they are doing the least work,
are most active.
– Leonardo da Vinci

The summer slug feeling is slowly wearing off . . . what I enjoy most so far is the ability to “think” again.  My mind is clear and free to wander without a long list of  “to do’s”  clogging it up …. Yes, by the end of August I will be struggling to leave “slugdom” behind …  it will be the freedom to live a life outside of work I will miss the most.
For now, it is time to enjoy the freedom and sunshine … and all the creatures (and things of life) great and small.

Click here to see more of my pictures of Spring in Minnesota’s northwoods.

~ by bearyweather on June 9, 2013.

6 Responses to “A Summer Slug . . . ?”

  1. Yay for summer vacation! I sure miss those days!

  2. It’s good to be a summer slug when you’ve worked as long and hard as you have. I hope you enjoy your days of relaxing and finding your internal rhythm. Soon enough you’ll find yourself busier once again.

    • I am still in slug mode … although I have had bursts of cleaning frenzies from time to time. I have already used up 1/3 of my summer … sad… it goes by so very fast.

  3. I think being a slug, in the summer or whenever it’s needed/possible, is good for the body, mind, and soul. Besides, it sounds like you’ve been quite busy even in slug mode! 🙂 I’ve been retired, in a sense, since 2007, and have rarely had a desire to get a part-time job. Every now and then I think about it, and then dismiss it as nonsense. lol!

    • I have problems with the extremes. For 9 months everything is schedule, with strict due dates, hourly bells, and too much work .. then for 3 months no schedule or responsibilities …

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