Time . . .

When all is said and done, the weather and love are the two elements about which one can never be sure. ~Alice Hoffman
old nestTime.

Technically speaking … no one can make time, change time, find time, gain time, lose time, or make time stand still. Time is on a constant progression that we can do nothing about. It is the one thing that you can plan on, time does not stop (at least not yet).

The human desire to effect time is also a constant. Our daily needs to hurry up, slow down, wait a minute, give me a second, stop … are persistent reminders of that fact. “Lost time is never found again.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

However, circumstances in life can cause time delusions. For instance, the weather has some how made us Minnesotans lose time this Spring. I was taken by surprise last week when a student was excitedly talking about only 20 days left of school. What! 20 days, no way! They had to be wrong, there is so much left to do!  Guess what?  Students are never wrong about when school gets out for the summer. 😉

The cold temperatures and piles of snow all around us, had us sedated through the months of March and April. I believe our minds were protecting us from the emotional damage 6 months of snowy weather can do. A powerful factor supporting this time delusion that it was still March (in April), was the lack of normal Spring events … ie;  Students were not begging to work outside.  There were no baseball games, track meets, or golf meets.  Students were not wearing inappropriate summer clothing to school, we still needed winter coats and boots. Out of school we were still shoveling snow, skiing, driving snowmobiles, ice fishing, etc …  all of these circumstances stalled time in our minds.

On Sunday, most of us were awakened from our winter slumbers. It was the first day that actually felt and looked like Spring. 50º temperatures for the first time since October, a warm snow melting sun, big puddles, no heavy winter coat needed … it still looks like winter because there is just too much of that darn white stuff piled all around, but it finally feels like Spring has arrived. It is also painfully obvious that we have lost a month of time somewhere (obviously not physically, but mentally … just in case you were wondering how sane I really am today ;-))

We know in our hearts Spring has to come eventually or maybe Summer will rush in and beat up Spring. Visually, we can see the variety of birds that have come back all at once (they were tired of waiting for Spring, too) and are desperately searching for food in the melting snow banks. The piles of snow are sinking daily, the daylight hours are growing, the tree buds are forming … However it is Prom weekend at school with rain/snow showers and a high of 40º … It just does not seem right somehow .. time wise … shouldn’t the grass be visible and green?

Time apparently is messed up (in my mind)!

I found some small signs of Spring … check them out on my photo blog:  In Search of Spring …

In the Spring, I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside of 24 hours. ~ Mark Twain


~ by bearyweather on May 4, 2013.

8 Responses to “Time . . .”

  1. You can’t stop the movement of the hour hand on your clock, but you can give it meaning.

    • So true Charlie … I don’t know about you, but the more time I have, the more time I find I waste or lose … making the most of our time here is the key.

  2. Ben Franklin sure had a lot of spot-on quotes. I hope winter will leave you very soon, Bearyweather! It’s finally gone from Ohio now!

  3. Bearyweather, it does feel like Time has raced by, and I’m all for Summer beating up Spring and maybe bypassing her altogether. Hope you enjoy this last month of school. I have to laugh to see kids wearing shorts when it’s still freezing cold outside. Crazy! It’s warming up here for the next three days, hurray!

    • It is suppose to be warm here this week, too. I think we made it through the winter! (I whisper quietly not wanting to tempt winter to prove me wrong) 😉

  4. Time sometimes feels so arbitrary to me, but does, as you’ve noted march on (no matter how I feel about it). So glad to hear spring has finally arrived for you.

    • I guess because most of my working life is run on the school bells, time disappearing on me seems more impossible somehow.
      Spring will be very short this year, it showed up a month late … I think this first Spring rain we are having this weekend will definitely make things green … finally. Robin, I hope your move has gone smoothly!

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