Photo Challenge: Looking Up

I am looking up to the skies very often these days … it is the only direction without snow. Well, actually, there is usually no snow up there by late afternoon. It is still snowing most days, the heavy sticky kind. The tree tops melt or the snow falls down in the wind with big plopping sounds. Yesterday was amazing .. the skies cleared for the first time in ages and offered us an “up” view that had us imagining Spring might actually be in the future for us.

Here is my picture for this week’s photo challenge.

There are other reasons to “look up” these late wintry days … the birds are coming back. The woods are coming alive with bird songs. Although I miss those songs a lot … I wonder what the birds are thinking … it is cold and there is no seasonal food for them.

Without leaves, the birds are much easier to see and photograph. Check out my photo blog if you are a birder … I need some help with identification. It is a common bird here, I would like to know its name. (Bear in Sight PhotoBlog)

~ by bearyweather on April 21, 2013.

6 Responses to “Photo Challenge: Looking Up”

  1. I love sitting in my yard and looking up to watch the swaying of the tall pines in the sky.

  2. I spent a little time today looking up at the trees, admiring the way the branches dance in the wind.

    • That is always well spent time ;-). I actually saw some small green buds this morning … it has been a very long time. It is raining today, I think my eyes are going to go into shock in the next day or two when things actually turn green.

  3. Spring is on its way when the birds have arrived; they seem to consistently get it right.

    • Usually … in Minnesota the weather has tricked them a few times … it has a tendency to surprise us all.
      The loons showed up on my lake the day after it opened up last weekend … they have great “scouts” … it is a small lake and was the first with ice out in the area.

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