SNOW … a nasty 4-letter word in April

snowagainInspiration to take photos and write a new post is hard for me to find. I blame it on the weather. In Minnesota, we somehow got stuck in the month of February weather-wise, nothing has changed. It is white with snow, deep snow and tall snow piles … where ever you look. Slow melting is taking place, but its hard to see. I have only found a small sign of Spring when I looked up (at my photo blog).

We just had a setback … it snowed again yesterday .. about 4 inches (maybe more, it was the wet heavy stuff and some melted as it hit the roadways).

It is hard to believe that last year at this time we had green grass and warm weather. Although I love seeing all of your pictures of Spring, flowers, and things not white … jealousy and frustrations rise a little bit when see realize that signs of Spring I am yearning for are still a long wait. I have run out of desire for photographing snow.

However, since I am a Minnesotan and we are known to be “hardy”, resilient and try to look for the good in all things … even winter and snow in April. I have resorted to “painting” some of my snow pictures in PhotoShop with spring colors. And, sometimes I psychologically trick myself into thinking that I am taking pictures of things other than snow … like my “shadow paint” pictures the other day when the sun peeked out.


At school, the golf team, baseball team, softball team, and track team are practicing indoors wherever they can find space (the halls can be a dangerous place after school if you don’t look for flying practice golf balls or a sprinter). Sometimes we joke about the situation … like golfing in snowshoes this year with big neon wiffle balls. At other times, these same creative Minnesotans develop plans to fight the weather together and fix the situation. For example, the athletes have spent several practice sessions outdoors shoveling the 3+ feet of snow off the track and baseball diamonds and hauling the snow away in otter sleds. It is a good workout … and gives them a small bit of hope that when the weather decides to change to Spring, it will melt off fast enough to get in a game or match before the end of school a short 7 weeks away. There is some satisfaction knowing that you did everything you could to fight for Spring. Extreme counter measures for a winter of extremes.

As you enjoy your Spring, think of us stuck in a snowy winter landscape for at least another couple of weeks. We will join you in the joys of Spring eventually … at which time we will be extremely happy to complain about the messy melt, washed out roads, mud and over flowing rivers. 😉

~ by bearyweather on April 7, 2013.

5 Responses to “SNOW … a nasty 4-letter word in April”

  1. I think the 5 letters in Spring look like they will be around the corner for you!

    • It looks like winter is hanging on in many places today. We might actually be far enough north to miss today’s big winter storm … that is a first this year.
      Spring will get here eventually … probably in June at this rate. 😉
      thanks for stopping by.

  2. I know you’re sick of snow, but your images of it are gorgeous.

    • Thanks Robin. Yes, very sick of snow … it snowed almost everyday this week, it has been in the single digits temperature wise at night and only around 32 during the day … the melt is extremely slow. Winter is going to be here for many weeks, yet.

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