Celebrations of Winter . . .

jansnow1A great wind is blowing, and that gives you either imagination or a headache. ~ Catherine II

January weather has finally come for a visit to Minnesota. Instead of the rain we had at the beginning of the month, we have now have snow, blowing snow, and cold temperatures. The way things should be. It may be hard to believe, but many Minnesotan’s have been praying for this weather (not the 30-40 below predicted for the next 3 days – just all the rest of it). Yes, the hardiest of us celebrate winter. Since winter sticks around for months, it is necessary for your sanity to find ways to enjoy it.

This morning a call in radio show focused on how Minnesotan’s have fun and celebrate the snow. I was expecting the usual ice fishing tails, snowmobile trail reports, the best places to snowshoe,and cross-country skiing events. However, it seems that Minnesotan’s have gotten much more creative than that. I few years back, ice boat sailing was the new big thing. This year it is the “fat tire bike” trails … yep, mountain biking in the snow, with snow tires!

There is also an annual snow olympics in a small town with fun events such as “driveway luge”, snow golf (with tennis balls, canoe paddles/and 2 ft holes in the snow), and snow angel making (exactly what it sounds like). Imagination and laughter was the under tone of all of the people who called in … it was fun hearing about all their “snow” entertainment ideas … special bocce ball rules for the snow, ice lantern making, and even old-fashioned sledding hills.

pokegama_hockey_day (picture from: http://www.grhockeyday.com/)
Today is also “Hockey Day 2013” in Minnesota. A nearby town (Grand Rapids) is the center of the celebration this year. They have created 3 outdoor hockey rinks on the lake and have quite the party going on today as high school teams compete outside. As well as pick-up neighborhood games and ice skating.

Festivities will probably move indoors tonight and probably stay there for the next couple of days as we are headed into the deep freeze 30 below plus wind at night .. so it will feel colder than that. The winds have begun already tonight. However, that will not stop us from having our winter fun … cups of water tossed up into the below 30 degree air to flash freeze … or how about blowing soap bubbles and creating some interesting lawn ornaments as they freeze as globes before they land on the snow? 😉

To appreciate the beauty of a snow flake, it is necessary to stand out in the cold. ~Aristotle quotes
Blowing Snow

~ by bearyweather on January 19, 2013.

8 Responses to “Celebrations of Winter . . .”

  1. Every season has its fun activities, winter is no exception! The progression of the seasons make the year more interesting to me 🙂

    • I like the change of seasons, as well. However, some of the extremes are tough to get through … for instance, tonight’s predicted low of 30 below (normally predictions are lower than that for us – farther north)

  2. Winter can be so much fun, although I think it has to be a proper winter to really appreciate it. 🙂

    • Winter is beautiful and has its great points … however, no matter how proper a winter is, it always out stays it’s welcome here in Minnesota. By February we start grumbling, March has us complaining loudly .. I bet you can hear us complaining all the way over to your State this weekend … they are predicting another 5-8 inches of snow for tomorrow … sigh…

  3. Just snowshoeing over to your blog to see if you were out of hibernation yet, Bearyweather. And I see you are! Next thing we’ll hear that you’ve taken up snow golfing or bowling. We used to go to a Heikinpaivva celebration put on by friends where we played all sorts of games like that in the snow. It was kinda fun, but cold sometimes too. Stay warm, you Minnesotan!

    • Thanks for making the long snowshoeing journey to my den … as you can see, this bear is still in winter hibernation … just peaking out now and then when the sunshines in the door of the den. The only sport I have taken up is snow throwing (with a shovel) .. those snow piles have gotten to be taller than me (not a normal winter here). The sun is shining more often, so it makes getting out easier … but, I am getting very tired of the color white. Can hardly wait for the greens to return.

  4. Wow – I always love to visit blogs about winter and its beauty. I’m a southern girl with a winter soul….how ironic is that?

    Beautiful photos and love the quotations, too! ❤

    • Thanks and welcome … I am glad I could fill your “winter needs” for a few moments. I hope that you get a chance to visit and experience an actual winter day or two real soon.

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