Photo Challenge: Favorites of 2012

The Word Press Photo Challenge at the end of the year was to pick out our favorite photos we blogged about in 2012. Most of my favorite photos of 2012 I posted on my photo blog (Bear In Sight). Therefore, I thought I would share them here … they won’t technically be “reruns” that way, right? .

I was pleasantly surprised how hard it was to narrowing the year down to just a few photos. It really was a challenge – it makes me feel truly blessed to look back at all the beautiful wonders of nature I was privileged to see this year. I decided that my favorites were the ones that were out of the ordinary. Animals that I bumped into doing strange things, pictures that had surprises in them for me when I got home and saw them on my computer.

Here are my 12 for 2012 (visit my photo blog to see many more of my favorites that I could not include here):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


~ by bearyweather on January 5, 2013.

6 Responses to “Photo Challenge: Favorites of 2012”

  1. Bearyweather, you really have some beautiful photos! I don’t go visit your photo blog often enough. One of my faves that you posted here was the daisies. That is the coolest picture. Wishing you the BEST in 2013! May you find lots more moments to enjoy, to photograph, to share.

    • Kathy … thanks for continuing to visit my blogs over the years … even when I am not attending them as well as I should. The daisies were a favorite of mine, too and is the star of the month of July in my 2013 calendar that I make for friends and family.

  2. This is a great selection and they are a reminder that it was a very good year.

  3. This is a beautiful series, Bearyweather. I can see why they are favorites. 🙂

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