What Happened to November?

I just looked at the calendar … December 1st? Unbelievable … what happened to November?
The month just flew by in so many ways. One of the most obvious signs of that in my world is that I did not publish a blog post .. that is crazy. I remember writing, looking for photos … I just never finish any of them. Therefore, here are the snippets of my November:

Snowy, Sunday Swans … (1st week of November)


Sunday morning was a time of snow and swans.

We are at the turning point of seasons and although the snow will only stay for about a day, it is a big preview of what is to come.

The first snows are beautiful and gentle. They tend to mix the seasons of Fall and Winter together … both seasons can be seen together .. it is a unique time when they are visible and experienced at the exact same time.

More on Snow …

The first snows also had me thinking about how much it brightens up Fall’s mostly brown world. How it appears like a graceful acrobat the way it tumbles down and lands on the tree branches. Beautifully posing in acrobatic positions until a big wind, warmer temperatures, a flitting bird, or curious squirrel knocks it down. (My words will not remain so colorful and positive about snow for long … after the holidays I will be tired of it … and still have 3-4 months to “enjoy” it. However, the first few snow falls are precious experiences to enjoy here in the woods.)

Geometry …

Then, there was geometry. The WordPress photo challenge was to capture geometry in the world around us. I managed to post a symmetry picture on my Bear in Sight blog, but never the post I started about how I also challenged my students to take geometry pictures and post them on their blogs (I helped them start their own blogs at “edublogs” (a safe educational blogging site created by wordpress). If I was looking for a legitimate excuse for losing track of my own blog here, I guess this would be it. The students are enjoying their blogs .. and that is a great thing. But, keeping up with all of them has taken much of the time I would spend here at my own blog and keeping up with you. FYI: I have been reading most of my dedicated followers posts .. I am sorry I have not taken the time to comment as often as I visit.

obtuseangle“Obtuse Angle” Parallel“Parallel Lines”

That leads me to Thanksgiving…

That was also a challenge at WordPress that I also challenged my students with. I am thankful for the mostly wild and untouched wilderness .. the trees, animals and lakes of my Minnesota woods. Looking at the pictures I took, I could not imagine anyone not wanting to live on one of these beautiful lakes … and extremely thankful that they are not and can not. Bringing more people into my woods would ruin it. I encourage you to visit and enjoy what we have … but, not to live here. That probably sounds selfish (it is) as I am sure someone out there is not happy that I built a house among the pines (but, in my defense, it was an existing site and I do everything in my power to leave it as natural and close to what it was before I moved in)

Anyway, that post never was published either. I am combining my “Thanks” post and this week’s new challenge of “reflection” together at my blog Bear in Sight.

I am extremely thankful for YOU, too. My blogging friends who have continued to check on me, comment and visit my much neglected blog this past month.

Expensive Birds …


Last weekend, I started a blog post about the birds and how they are eating up a ton of money this Fall. Seed prices are up and the bird count is crazy. My neighbor is no long “up north” enough to keep her feeders full, so that leaves me as the only feeding station for at least 3 miles in either direction (summer people are gone).
It amazes me how well the birds are networked. They leave a sentry or two sitting in my yard. As soon as I open the door to go outside, if the feeders are empty the singing begins immediately and they fly in from everywhere and will even land on me and the feeders while I try to fill them. Are they really that hungry? Or, just their way of thanking me?
I love the winter songs and how they fill up silence of the hibernating woods … but, their songs also wake up the squirrels to the fact there is a new supply of food for the day (so, if you were here, you would hear me shushing them to not tell the squirrels ;-)).
The birds can survive without me, nature provides everything they need. Feeding is sort of a selfish act in that I do it so that they visit and fill my winter woods with life. After you start feeding them … how could anyone look at these little creatures and say “no more seeds”? I know I can’t…. especially since they are living out there in our severe Minnesota winters.

Time to go fill the feeders.

~ by bearyweather on December 1, 2012.

4 Responses to “What Happened to November?”

  1. Gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing your snow!

  2. The photos of the swans are especially nice! I know exactly what you mean about feeding the birds. I just couldn’t bring myself to stop feeding them. For some unexplained (and happy) reason, the price of sunflower seeds has gone back down considerably lately. That will make a lot of Chickadees happy; and one fat and sassy squirrel.

  3. Glad to see you back! I absolutely love that first picture of the swans. Such an awesome reflection. Thanks for catching us up about what’s been happening in your neck of the woods.

  4. Here it is, half way through December, and I’m just getting caught up with you so I know what you mean about an entire month flying by. I really enjoyed the tidbits, the little glimpses into your life. đŸ™‚

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