It is that time of year again . . .

Bear hunting season has begun in Minnesota. For bear lovers like me, this is a frustrating time of year. The Bear Center in Ely provides daily updates on the research bears, letting us know if a study bear is taken (we hold our breath). According to the researchers, the bears are slowing down. Food sources have dried up early during this extremely dry Fall weather and some bears are already investigating the dens. Going into the den early would be the safest thing for them and their cubs.

This is the new picture on the Bear Center’s Facebook page. I wish every hunter had to look in those eyes, at that super cute face before shooting a bear.

~ by bearyweather on September 9, 2012.

12 Responses to “It is that time of year again . . .”

  1. I’m also concerned about the bears. The berries are about gone now up high and they will start coming down into the valleys. It’s far too early for them to den up here though.

    • There were some huge bears taken in my area this year, but the number of bears shot was lower. They were denning up and slowing down early this year (good for them :-))

  2. Yes, it’s bear hunting season around here, too, or close to it. Some time in September. I haven’t seen any of those trucks with the dogs yet. Hugs, my bear-loving friend.

    • They hunt with dogs there? OMG! Those moms and cubs being chased by dogs … What a horrible thing. Here they bait them for a month or more and then one day when they go to their regular feeding spot, they are shot.

      • I am sorry to have shared the dog-hunting story with you. 😦 I wish it didn’t happen…

        • That is okay … I realize that there are people in this world just interested in the kill .. the trophy .. whatever and are not empathetic to the animals they are hunting. I was amazed that dogs were used in your area. I will never understand how “baiting” and “dogs” make hunting a sport.

  3. I just heard gunshots this morning. Someone out practicing for hunting season, I think. I can’t imagine shooting anything that looks at me like that bear. Or anything that looks at me, for that matter. I have trouble killing insects.

    • Although I have no trouble killing insects, I can’t imagine shooting anything either … especially for what they call “sport”. People have been practicing for deer season in the gravel pit next to me all weekend … I hate that sound … it makes my heart skip a beat every time the gun goes off. That bears face melts my heart …

  4. Hi Bearyweather, I am not a hunter. I really love wildlife. Have a wonderful day and a most fine coming week!

  5. Lily is cute. πŸ™‚

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