I Wonder If …

I wonder if psychology works on woodchucks? My very stubborn woodchuck has returned. I have only had a few glimpses, but he is much bigger and much meaner looking then when I first introduced you to him as a baby (nature takes care). He has not been visible to me for a year, but he obviously got bored where ever he was and decided to come back and annoy me. I have written about my battles with this hole/tunnel digging critter before (Digging Problem) … he is so destructive and tenacious. He has brought me to the point of wanting to do him great harm.

He has begun digging under my driveway and the corner of my garage. Which means, I have a daily date with my shovel and wheelbarrow to fill it back in each day. He is a quick digger and very sneaky … I never see him, just his digging work. I am tired of filling it back in, so I thought I would try psychology …. If I were a woodchuck, where would I never want to live? Right … a hole that was always wet. So, instead of a shovel everyday, I am filling it up with water. It is all sand there, so it does not take long for the water to filter down into the ground, but I am doing my best.

It is hard to tell if it is working, so yesterday I added a little bit more psychology … I also would not want to live where other creatures have died … yes, it is a horrible thought, but the mouse was already dead in the trap in the garage … I just disposed of it down the wood chuck hole. If I were him, I would definitely find a new place to dig a home if the one I was working on was wet and other creatures in it were dead …. do you think psychology will work?

Or do you think I need to move on to Plan B? … mix cement in with some sand/dirt and fill the hole in one more time .. then use the hose to get that cement mixture nice and wet and way down into the hole.


~ by bearyweather on September 1, 2012.

10 Responses to “I Wonder If …”

  1. hmmm…plan A sounds good but temporary; B sounds permanent. You will win this battle!

    • I don’t know if anything is permanent when it comes to this stubborn critter. I see him just digging right next to the hole I fill with concrete. guess I just have to be more stubborn then him.

  2. Eeeyy. You definitely have to fight a battle. Quite a weird one. Interesting that you are applying psychology in order to understand what would make the creature feel most insecure.

    • Psychology is just my temporary way of not causing him physical harm … which is a feeling I find very hard to fight these days. He is a big pest and digs big holes around my house … he has to go.

  3. No, no, don’t go to Plan B yet! Keep trying that psychology. You WILL get the best of that woodchuck, you will!

    • thanks for cheering me on … but, today I saw for a fact that the psychology plan is not working. I walked out the door and there is was sitting by the hole on the corner of my garage. He just stared at me like he was daring me to do something about it … until I yelled at him in anger and down the hole he went.

      I thought they just ate green plants … but, the two dead mice I put in the hole this week are gone … maybe he thinks I am feeding him?

  4. Hi Bearyweather, Around here in TN, Woodchucks, or Groundhogs, or Marmots as they are variously known, are absolutely hated – except by me. Yes they can be destructive. I do not have a good answer for you. I wish you well and hope you find a non-lethal method of shooing the offender away. Your water idea seems logical. Good luck. Have a fine day and a very nice coming week!

  5. Woodchucks are tough to beat in wars of this sort. We usually end up trapping and moving them, but then another comes along eventually to take its place. I think I might opt for Plan B. Good luck! 🙂

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