Photo Challenge: Create

“Creativity is what makes humanity move. We were created to participate.” ~ Keith Jarrett

This week’s photo challenge at WordPress is “Create”. I absolutely love the opportunity to create … I am a planner and a schemer with imagination. I am a quilter and a photographer. I love to draw and make stain glass window art. I can get lost in the world of arts and crafts (of all kinds) very easily. As a teacher one of my favorite parts of the job is planning lessons and developing new teaching materials. I am also a graphics and web page designer who has been too busy with work to practice my own skills.

Therefore, for this challenge, I decided to create art using PhotoShop on some of my photos. Taking the opportunity to learn how to use my new version of the software by playing around with numerous filters, painting and just having fun “creating” some new art. (If you are curious, original photos are at the end of the post.)

Plastic daisies?

(I was trying to keep the ladyslipper natural, so you must click to enlarge to see the filtering effects)

The original photos:

~ by bearyweather on June 28, 2012.

12 Responses to “Photo Challenge: Create”

  1. Cool! I really need to learn photo shop!

    • As you can see, just playing around with a minimum amount of knowledge in PhotoShop creates some fun things … I need to truly learn how to use it, too. I am sure there are shortcuts for some of the things I spend a lot of time on trying to perfect

  2. I like the daisies. I think they look like candy 🙂

  3. wow these are really nice!

  4. Wonderful, bearyweather! I especially adore the first one. Feeling your creative spirit.

  5. Hi Bearyweather, Interesting effects. I like your Lady Slipper photo best. I sometimes do use photo-editing software to bring the most life-like picture to the blog (useful when the weather is uncooperative and photographs don’t turn out bright and light and pretty). Have a wonderful coming week. I am back to blogging as of today.

    • I am very strict on myself with my photos and I think that came from all the time I spent learning to use my camera … I want us to work together to get the image. … I don’t touch them (it feels like cheating some how) they are what they are and if I don’t like them, i go back and try again.

      if I do play around in PhotoShop with them I always announce it. Photoshop lets you make them more “artistic” and that is always fun.

      thanks for commenting … and I hope you have sunny weather for your photos this week.

  6. Nicely done, Bearyweather. 🙂

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