Pruning . . .

“Better to be pruned to grow than cut up to burn.” ~ John Trapp

Our heavy April snows turned out to be natures way of pruning the woods. Cutting away the dead and weak branches. From a distance, the trees looked healthy before the storms. However, the piles of the branches on the ground made it look like the forest was very sick. Several days later, the trees that survived look beautiful and there is no evidence that many branches were pruned with the great force of nature.

As every gardener knows, pruning allows a plant or tree to grow much more healthy and strong. In life, we need to cut and prune sometimes, too. Remember when you were a child and that first baby tooth began to wiggle? I don’t know about you, but I hung onto that loose tooth for a long time, not allowing anyone to pull it out. When it finally did fall out, it felt so much better (even though I would never admit it). That is a very simplistic example. The actual removal of things in our life can be painful and many aspects are hard to let go of. Inside we know they must go, we may hold onto them a little bit longer then we should, but eventually they have to go because they make our life unhealthy. And, sometimes they are taken away from us … forceably removed by circumstances or decisions.

My work life will be pruned a bit very soon (by my choice). Part of me is sad to let go of sections of the work because I truly loved doing it, it was not really work to me … another part of me is already feeling the heavy weights of responsibility lifting and looking forward to new pursuits and revisiting some old loves that have been stuffed away in storage to make room for the work. Pruning is a way of renewing our lives. It opens up our thoughts to other possibilities. Often, all the extra weight we are carrying around (because we can’t let go) break us just like the heavy snows broke the tree branches.

Pruning is a necessary part of life. Without it, our life will get too heavy and crowded and we can not grow. By pruning away the dead ends and excess weight, we make room for new and better things. Pruning is how we get to the good stuff.

Accidental photo pruning took place last week for me, also. I spent over an hour in the freshly fallen snow (second time in the past two weeks) taking pictures. Excited to see them on my computer large and awesome … I processed them too quickly and with a stupid click of a button (without checking, first) I ended up deleting all of them from my camera only to find out, the download to my computer did not happen. I am sure they were awesome .. but, they were pruned before I saw them.
I went back outside for another hour to try to duplicate the finds of my first trip out .. however, I ended up with something totally different .. unexpected, but good … I photographed the melting and reflections instead. You can view more of them at my photo blog page: Bear in Sight

~ by bearyweather on April 29, 2012.

12 Responses to “Pruning . . .”

  1. Pruning always makes me sad. I’m always afraid if I cut too much I’ve lost all the bloom and beauty though I know it comes back bigger and better.

    • The pruning of my job has been a long process, still not completely settled. So, I have had time to deal with it, to emotionally let go a little bit at a time. And, I have realized that it will still be a part of my life. However, this arrangement will let me focus on the parts of the job I loved the most. But, there is still sadness that I can not do it all.

  2. I’m in the process of pruning. Sometimes it’s difficult, even a little sad, but I know I’m making room for something better. 🙂

    • Good for you …. For me, the sadness does not truly go away until I have begun the “something better”. Until then, there is a hole that hurts a little bit. I hope you fill in your pruned spot with something exciting and fun to blog about. (did that sound a little selfish on my part? ;-))

  3. I like your thoughts about pruning, bearyweather. Actually, I like how you use nature to share important lessons with us. I have been in the process of pruning too, especially with my blog, and feel so much more energy and space and joy. It was really hard last week when some thoughts & emotions tried to return to the original habit, but it’s so much better now. I think Mother Nature–or our deepest self–knows when we need to let go or change a little bit, but we tend to cling to our familiar ways. Honoring that there is a Great Pruner we can emulate! Glad to hear about your job pruning, and nodding in understanding with any lingering sad feelings.

  4. Kathy, I am really glad you are feeling better about your blogging changes. One thing that should brighten your thoughts is how many of your readers jumped in to give advice and help you out. Dedicated blogging friends are a special gift … did you feel the love?
    I know exactly what you mean about habits … but, I love your term more .. Clinging to the familiar. I am very guilty of that in many aspects of my life. Not sure why, except for that familiar is part of my inner home. (I feel a blogging inspiration with that comment … hmmm)

    As for my job … it was a tough decision and only time will tell if I made the right one. I love both parts of my job. In the end, I chose security over a passion (that in our countries budget mess could easily be cut). I am already finding ways to stay involved with what I pruned, only in a different way. I hope that is what the Great Pruner was trying to tell me … if not, I am sure I will find out. 😉

    • We do have such wonderful readers, don’t we, bearyweather? I felt the love. I think most of us are guilty of clinging to the familiar. That can be both a gift and challenge. Good luck with your decision. It feels like it was right for now and will lead somewhere…perhaps into that unknown? I always love your answers to comments.

  5. No new blogs for awhile? Are you in a quiet place or a busy end-of-school-year place? Hoping you are well, bearyweather.

    • Hi Kathy,
      I knew it had been awhile, but a month between posts is not like me. Sorry, unexpected life events have taken over my time. I have a few posts started, but my mind is so full and I am so stressed that I have not been able to concentrate or find the time to finish them. All I have had time to do is post a few pictures on my photo blog .. but, it has been awhile for that, too.
      Yes, it is the busy end-of-school time … with finals, graduations, preparing for the person that will take over part of my job and tomorrow a big retirement party for 4 teaching friends that have over 120 years of teaching between them (still working on the video for that). Plus, trying to find a new nursing home for one parent by tuesday and preparing for the other to have double-bypass/valve replacement surgery on Wed. … life got crazy.
      School is out, so hopefully I will be able to finish one of my started posts later this week and get back into the blogging world soon. Thanks for checking up on me … nice to know I was missed.

      • Thanks for the catch-up, Bearyweather. I’ve said sixteen times, I can’t imagine blogging regularly with a full time job to boot. You were missed–but I’m sure everyone understands. Enjoy your end-of-school year and we’ll see you soon.

  6. As always, a thoughtful essay, Bearyweather! I’m still trying to imagine snow in April- this year, we had summerlike temperatures in that month. Though we will have the occasional April snowstorm in certain years.

    • The trees and bushes are so full of leaves and it is so summer-like … it is hard to believe that a month ago we were looking at snow. But, we whisper that still …. we had two nights this week below freezing.

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