In Just Five Days . . .

Time is a mystery. At times it can drag on for what feels like forever … especially if you are desperately waiting for something. At other times, amazing and unexpected things can happen in the blink of an eye. I try hard to remember that things can change drastically and quickly and that you just never know what tomorrow will bring. When things are bleak I remind myself that they could turn around for the good at any moment, to be patient. When things are really great I remind myself to enjoy them because it can not last forever, you need to live in the moment.

The past five days are a marvelous example of how things can change quickly, very quickly. Last weekend, my world was snowy. There were piles of old snow and a few inches of fresh on top of that. The strong winds were blowing it around making wave like patterns and small what I call “snow tornadoes” in the fields. Temperatures were about zero at night with highs in the 20’s. A very typical March in northern Minnesota … see:

Then, the next day, the sun was shining brightly and temperatures were up to 70º and made it feel as if the snow disappeared almost overnight. Instead of snow we had huge puddles … see:

The river ice started to break up a few days later and the geese and swans arrived immediately.

In just five days a lot has changed in my natural world, the big puddles are even gone. The lake ice … well, it is still with us, but not looking very safe. This could be the first year ever to have ice out on the lakes in March. Unbelievable. We are all wondering if Spring is here to stay … or if this is just a trick of mother nature.

“Weather is a great bluffer. I guess the same is true of our human society — things can look dark, then a break shows in the clouds, and all is changed.” ~ unknown


~ by bearyweather on March 17, 2012.

16 Responses to “In Just Five Days . . .”

  1. Three weeks ago I too also wondered if Mother Nature was playing a cruel joke on us. Unless she pulls a fast one on us, it looks like spring is here to stay.

    • This is so rare for us .. Big snows in April are not uncommon. I am still in the “I can’t believe this weather” mode, so I am expecting Mother Nature to “pull a fast one” on us. It is too soon to believe it is here to stay for us. Thanks for sharing your Spring flower pictures lately.

  2. My, that was a rapid change! Very dramatic!

    • Yes, life can change in a flash …. which reminds me that it could change to white again at any time. It makes life exciting. Are you comfortable enough with your Spring to feel like it is here to stay?

      • Spring here is always a real ride. It rained most of the night last night; by noon we had an inch of new snow on the ground; by dark that had all melted, and now it is raining again with more snow expected later tonight. A normal rocky mountain spring!

  3. Hi Bearyweather, Such a gorgeous picture of those magnificent Swans. I am envious as I seldom have been able to see Swans outside of nearly captive park pond Swans. Have a super good day and enjoy your fine Spring-like warmth. I am doing same here in TN.

    • Thanks. I am hoping the ice is off my lake so that the swans will spend part of the weekend with me … if not, I will head back to the river for a visit … they are fun to watch.

  4. In five days a world can change. Perhaps we shouldn’t stress with life so much, knowing this is a possibility. I listen deeply to your words, bearyweather.

  5. Things are going to change whether we worry about them or not … and the weather is one of the most changeable thing. Stressing about it is a waste of energy .. but we all do it to varying degrees. Knowing things can change when they are bad is a good feeling … it even makes the trial bearable. However, knowing that things can change when they are good can be a big stressor all by itself. Life is change … I seem to be waiting for Mother Nature to change her mind about Spring 😉

    • Is it cooler over there now? Temps have dropped in the 50’s here and are headed down to the 40’s by tomorrow. (Just checkin’ to see if you’ve blogged again yet.)

      • I have been so busy with work there has been little time for anything else. I have had some time to read blogs, but not much time to write. I put some finishing touches on a post I started a few days ago and posted it today. Just in time for the weather to start changing again. However, I don’t see any signs that our typical snowy white March will return … just cooler and wet. We need the rain desperately. The water levels are so very low .. there were many fish killed on my lake this winter. Now that the ice has melted, the eagles and gulls are cleaning them up off the edge of the lake … what a sad sight.

  6. Beautiful is the change in the weather your side, bearyweather. I like both the times, the heavy snowfall and also the bright sunny times with swans and geese in the river. But such a drastic change in just five days makes me wonder! Nothing is permanent, neither happy days nor the sorrowful times. Hence, when happy enjoy the time & when in sorrow, think that happiness is just around the corner 🙂 Thanks for the deep learning!

    • I could not agree with you more … well said. We appreciate the good times even more after experiencing the not so good. Our path to find happiness makes us grow …

      Hope your week is filled with happiness.

  7. Amazing how quick the change happened this month!

    • Yes, it was shocking. Makes me realize all the more … it could change back just as quickly .. if not faster. I am trying to enjoy this nice weather while we have it … because you never know what tomorrow might bring.

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