Hello Winter … Goodbye?

“Spring, summer, and fall fill us with hope; winter alone reminds us of the human condition.” ~ Mignon McLaughlin

Minnesotans said hello to Winter about 10-12 days ago.  Winter, our well-known guest, was extremely late this year (about 2.5 months late). Many thought Winter might be skipping out of his seasonal obligations … after all, January tends to be when he makes his most extremely cold appearance.  The pressure to at least make an appearance must have finally gotten the best of Winter, because Winter blew through our woodsy place with an extremely cold blast of wind, 30 below temps and followed that up with a substantial dumping of snow.

Winter’s visit was boisterous, he sure knows how to make an entrance.  The cold was so overwhelming, we were forced to start at least one day of school late and change our outdoor plans for awhile.

Minnesotan’s are known to be hardy, Winter lovers.  We tend to brag about surviving the worst ammunition Winter can throw at us and boast about the snowy fun that you can only find here.  Many small towns celebrate Winter with festivals, races, contests, and unique activities. Disappointment and anger at Winter for not showing up was building in some communities and in others an unspoken joy of not having to deal with Winter.  Similar to being at a large party, some attendees greet Winter at the door with a strong embrace while others turn their backs and try to avoid Winter altogether.  Some give Winter the cold shoulder because they view Winter as being too harsh and cruel and others because he tends to monopolize everyone’s life and over stays his welcome.

When it comes to Winter, the majority of Minnesotans tend to celebrate the first arrival, expect the worst from Winter’s visit, and are never really sad to see Winter leave … we can be fickled that way. There are a few Minnesotans that love Winter so much that they have trouble saying goodbye in the
Spring … they can even find joy in a surprise reappearance at the end of April. (I am not one of them).  This year it appears that Winter did not feel welcome here.  Winter’s visit was very short-lived and every sign he was here started melting away a week later.  Then, just when those warm Spring feelings started coming back, Winter changed his mind and decided to blow some very cold air (30º below wind chills) around again this past weekend. Winter is devious that way.  As soon as we get comfortable in our extremely early Spring, Winter is comes back for another visit with a vengeance.

In the case of Winter, saying goodbye in February (anytime, really) is like challenging Winter to a fight.  And, Winter never walks away from a fight because Winter always wins that battle.

I understand Winter’s fury.  It is tough to attend an event when you don’t feel 100% welcome and know that some will celebrate your leaving. So Winter comes and goes … we say hello, we say goodbye (quietly so we are not over heard) and inevitably, end up saying hello again … It is predicted that our temps will reach 40º tomorrow … I suppose Winter is watching closely and will bound through our woods at least once more real soon to cool us down and remind us what time of year this really is … Winter.

By the way … I have caught up with the WordPress Photo Challenges. See my submissions for the past two weeks … “Ready” and “Regret” on my photo challenge page.

~ by bearyweather on February 13, 2012.

9 Responses to “Hello Winter … Goodbye?”

  1. Your first photo really says “cold!”, and -30 is cold. A little bit of that crept into eastern Montana too, but here we were shielded by the Continental Divide and our temps stayed in the positive range.

    By the way, I saw what might have been bear scat today. Pretty early, but it has been warm at the lower elevations.

    • We have been back up into the positive 30’s this week with a little wet slushy snow … but, i have no doubt a true winter will return with cold temps at least one more time. March can be an extremely snowy month here.

      I hope that you see that bear to get a great picture of him in his winter coat … I loved your bear picture from last Fall (late summer).

  2. Winter finally came to you! We just got our first sprinkle of snow this past weekend, but are supposed to get quite a bit more this coming weekend.

    • Yep, winter made a brief visit … but, I know he will be back again. The wet snow that is currently falling is a good sign it might be sooner than later. If it snows a substantial amount this weekend, how long does it usually stick around?

  3. Hi Bearyweather, This year’s winter has been especially unusual here in TN. We have had a real roller-coaster of warm and cold with the cold being your Arctic blasts. Now it has warmed up but we may or may not get a bit of snow at the end of the week (ala “Roller-coaster”). Have a great day tomorrow. Very nicely put post today!

  4. Your first photo is gorgeous. It’s been a mild and interesting winter. I’m assuming Mother Nature has a reason for all this back and forth between mild and cold. 🙂

    • This has been a wonderful winter for me … I love the mild temps, good roads, and just a touch of white. Winter has been so gentle with us, I don’t even mind the few extremely cold days. I am however, sort of holding my breathe waiting for winter to hit us hard here towards the end of the season to make up for it.

  5. Maybe our first snowstorm this weekend?

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