Mysteries I want the answers to . . .

I would rather live in a world where my life is surrounded by mystery than live in a world so small that my mind could comprehend it. ~ Harry Emerson Fosdick

During this past week, I have been noticing things that are mysterious and/or just plain annoying. I started keeping track of them, hoping to be hit with a blogging topic inspiration. Then, I realized, just the fact that I have no answers to these mysterious things that popped up in my life this week was a topic well deserving of a blog post.

My hope is that this post will help me find my answers. I am looking to you, my very smart and wise to the world readers for answers to these mysteries. Can anyone solve a mystery or two?
Here they are . . .

Mystery #1: How does one, very lonely daisy out in the middle of the yard survive several weeks of nights with the temperatures below freezing?

Mystery #2: Where does the first fruit fly come from? How can your house be fruit fly free for months and be invaded by hundreds in just one day? (I was home bound and nothing new came into the house)

Mystery #3: How a big fat mouse can squeeze through a .4 cm (I measured) crack in the weather-stripping of the corner of my garage door? Not just one, but 9 mice in the past 4 days have found their way into the garage and fortunately into the traps. Sorry animal lovers of all kinds .. the mice have been busy chewing things in my car (seats, napkins, proof of insurance, and wiring) … they had to go.

Mystery #4: Why health insurance, which includes preventive care … does not cover foot orthotics? Needed shoe inserts recommended for flat feet and ordered by a doctor. Inserts that will help prevent the need for a future knee, hip or ankle surgery.

Mystery #5: Why strangers think it is perfectly okay to stroll onto your property close enough to be heard talking from the kitchen window in hunting clothes and carrying guns? Why these same men don’t understand why I refuse to believe that they did not see the many neon-yellow no trespassing signs they had to walk past to get where they were .. my house? (Okay, I will admit that I have a possible answer to this one .. but, I am too polite to say it.)

Mystery #6: Why certain companies ship something as small as a 1″ x 1″ x .25″ camera battery in a box large enough to hold four 1 gallon plastic milk jugs?

Please submit your knowledgeable (and/or humorous) answers to my mysteries in a comment. thanks

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. ~ Albert Einstein


~ by bearyweather on November 7, 2011.

15 Responses to “Mysteries I want the answers to . . .”

  1. No answers here, but I’d certainly take joy in the lone daisy!

    • That daisy is a miracle and it was honored by me with several photographs.
      If an answer pops into your mind later this week or even a theory .. feel free to come back and share. These things really have me perplexed.

  2. I’ll cynically take a shot at #4: Because health insurance is designed by marketing people, not health professionals. The first design priority was to make it sellable, not usable.

  3. No answers from me, but if you ever get an answer regarding those fruit flies, please let me know. It’s a mystery I’ve been pondering this year too. We were practically invaded, having gone from none to what seemed like billions.

    • No answers, yet … I do have a way to get rid of them, though. Put things they like (a piece of orange, banana peel, juice, etc… things that smell good to fruit flies) in a wide-mouth jar. Put clear plastic wrap tightly over the opening of the jar. Poke holes in the plastic wrap with a toothpick. For some reason, they can crawl in the holes but not back out.

      • Thanks! I’ll give that a try. I used the vinegar trap method (which drowns them) but just noticed I did it wrong this year. I used just vinegar and forgot the dish soap. No wonder it didn’t work. lol!

  4. I’ve pondered the fruit fly mystery, myself. I’ll be checking back to see if anyone has answers for you! (Love the opening quote. Love it!)

    • Sorry, looks like fruit flies are still a mystery. I am glad you liked that quote, too.
      It is ironic that we spend most of life in search of answers and the answers usually just throw more questions at us. The quote made me realize that life would be pretty empty if there was nothing new to learn, no mystery to solve. So, I am not disappointed (well, not too much :-() that no one has any answers for me, yet …. all my questions are still on my “to learn” list.

  5. Hi Bearyweather, As to the mystery of the Fruit Flies – no, I do not know that answer but I have sympathy about the issue. When I lived in Southern California, each and every September, we would have a gigantic number of Fruit Flies invade out house. I guess they arrived on supermarket fruit or possibly from our Avocado’s or our Plums (backyard fruits we grew for our own use). Who can say. Had to use a lot of fly ribbon sticky tapes to get rid of ’em. Eventually we did. Yuck! So, I do have sympathy. Have a wonderful day tomorrow that hopefully won’t include wayward hunters.

    • I don’t like the sticky tape … I just use a jar with apple or orange in it (sometimes apple cider vinegar), put plastic wrap with a few small holes tightly across the top … they go in and for some reason can not come out.

      I was actually surprised that of all the mysteries I listed in my post that “Fruit flies” is the one almost every person commented on. Must be the most annoying mystery on my list.

      Personally, I am irritated with the shipping mystery because I had the “big box – small object inside” issue happen again this week. I just don’t get it. Is a big box really cheaper to send? It seems like such a huge waste.

  6. I could try for some humorous and interesting answers to your mysterious questions, but am at the point in life where the fact that these things are mysteries thrill me more than answers! (We’ve had a mice invasion lately, too. Out they had to go…)

    • I agree, the fact that we have mysteries to ponder adds spice to life. That was the purpose behind the quotes I included. However, some of the mysteries on my list have become quite irritating. (the bear in me says grrrr)
      I would love to hear a humorous guess at the answers … so feel free to get as creative as you like … might help the irritation related to a couple of them diminish.

  7. I’ve seen a few daisies in early November here in Ohio, and they surely seemed out of place to me- but they were a welcome sight 🙂

    • Daisies in November are extremely rare here in northern Minnesota … we usually have frozen ground and/or snow on the before Thanksgiving. This daisy was a growing miracle …

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