Photo-Idiom Challenge

Kathy over at Lake Superior Spirit recently participated in and shared a fellow bloggers October photo challenge. Kathy’s entry was called “Fishin for Compliments” and since she made it look like so much fun I dived right in. The original challenge comes from Karma over at Karma’s When I Feel Like It Blog. The task is to take photos that represent three different Idioms. To make it even easier, she provided a huge list of idioms to get us started. It was fun going through the list of idioms and thinking of creative ways to shoot a picture. I think I may adapt this photo-idiom challenge and turn it into a PhotoShop project for my students next quarter. PhotoShop editing could make this even more amazing and maybe a little bit crazy, don’t you think?

Here are my entries (I did not use PhotoShop). Karma’s challenge was for 3 – I did an extra one. It was amazing to me how I could relate them to my recent challenges in life.
(Click on the images to enlarge them.)

Under the Weather
I would rather be under this storm than in a hospital any day.

Go Out on a Limb
Every surgery has it’s risks, you take your chances because you have to.

Field Day
Being sick is anything but a fun time.

Water Under the Bridge
When you are well again, it is in the past … and it feels great.

Scary Halloween Skies
The challenge also called for a “Halloween” picture (not idiom related) … or maybe it could be? The night was “as silent as the dead” or The leaves were “spirited away”?

Thanks to Karma for starting the challenge and to Kathy for encouraging everyone to participate. It was fun.

~ by bearyweather on October 29, 2011.

18 Responses to “Photo-Idiom Challenge”

  1. Nicely done! 🙂

  2. Good job, bearyweather! Glad to see that you had fun, too. (You did have fun, didn’t you?) I’m not sure which is my favorite. “Water under the bridge” is really cool, and the orange sky is definitely gorgeous–and spooky!

    • Yes, it was fun … I had trouble stopping (All bark, no bite .. Out of the blue … Rise and Shine … etc.) It was a great challenge. Thanks for passing the challenge on. “Water Under the Bridge” is the only one I grabbed out of my archives … from last year (from a North Shore waterfall hike).

  3. I love all of these. Excellent job on choosing your subjects/scenery for the idioms.

  4. Well done, Bearyweather! 🙂

  5. Hi Bearyweather, Great selections to represent those particular idioms. A really fun idea! Good job with the pictures. I enjoyed seeing the bird picture especially. Have a terrific coming week. I am back to blogging as of today as I have completed my move (new house).

    • Thank you. Chickadees are my favorite bird to photograph because they will sit nice and still. And, they are not afraid of me. I will stop by and check on what is flying around your neighborhood soon.

  6. very nice!

  7. Hi there Bearyweather! I just got my internet service back after a bad storm and am finally making the rounds to see all the photo hunts. I’m so glad Kathy encouraged you to participate. And I love the idea that you might use this as a project for students – very cool! (I need a PS class myself – I have Photo Shop Elements and know very little about using it) “Out on a limb” is adorable and I just love your spooky Halloween sky! Thanks again for participating! ( I do a photo hunt every other month if you’d be interesting in checking it out again in December)

    • Thank you … I enjoyed your challenge very much. I could have kept going … it was fun. I look forward to your next challenge … I should have some time during my Christmas break to join in the fun.

  8. […] my 4th newbie, also found the way into the photo hunt from Kathy’s blog.  This photo hunt’s idioms were all related to the theme of recovery; whatever it is that you have had to recover from […]

  9. Loved seeing these…my favorite, for some reason is “Field Day.” Just looks so pretty and peaceful.

  10. Hope you don’t mind…blogged about your blog and used one of your pics! :0) Great to meet you!

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