A Fall Day at the Lake . . .

The weather has been great and I am finally able to get outside with my camera and enjoy it a bit. Since I have not put together a photo post in a very long time … join me today and enjoy a Fall day at the lake …

The last of the ducks took a sleep break.

The sky in the lake.

A little Dew.

The lake as a mirror.

A collage of the lingering foliage.

The geese were circling and honking their vote as to whether or not they should land on the lake.

What was yellow and orange this summer have now turned to black.

Carpets of rusty old pine needles and leaves.

The temperature is dropping, so let’s end the day with a campfire.
A Fall fire is a perfect way to clean up limbs, sticks and pinecones that fell in the strong winds last week. A campfire’s crackling warmth in the Fall can not be beat .. it is one of my favorite things.

I hope you enjoyed your glimpse at a day at the lake in the Fall woods.
What is your favorite thing about Fall?
Time to go get the campfire popcorn popper … and maybe some marshmallows. ツ

Indian Summer
Nothing can steal your heart away
Quicker than Indian Summer days,
When the sun is warm and the shadows are cool,
The lake water stands like a bright blue pool.
The warm sand begs you to bare your feet
The balmy air is meadow-sweet,
Leaves are falling from colorful trees,
And nature has moved in, merely to tease…
She comes with her warm days, just to betray…
For winter is only a breath away!
~Sallie Hinds~

~ by bearyweather on October 26, 2011.

10 Responses to “A Fall Day at the Lake . . .”

  1. Great photos. I love the campfire ending. There’s no better way to end a great day in the outdoors.

    • Thanks … I wish that I could have a campfire every night in the Fall. It is extra special at this time of year for some reason … Maybe because there are no bugs?

  2. Glorious photos, thank you for sharing. I really love the sky in the lake, fabulous!

  3. That was a day well spent. I certainly did enjoy it! Now I must have a campfire in the next few days!

  4. I liked it, Nice pictures of the fall season. Winter is soon to approach, has the first snow already come and gone?

    • No, we have none of the white, fluffy stuff … yet. Just some very much needed rain last night (my lake level is over a foot low). We hover at about freezing every night, so it won’t be long. Yesterday, we had some afternoon sleet. It was interesting because the sun was shining and the rainbow it created was really gorgeous. Alas, I did not have my camera with me. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Beautiful photos, Bearyweather. I very much enjoyed walking along with you. And the campfire was a perfect end to a great walk. 🙂

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