Please, Let Them Grow Up . . .

Dear Deer Hunters,

This hunting season I would like you to make hunting a real sport and not shoot the first thing that looks like a deer. Examine your prey carefully. Is it an adult deer or a baby? If there are no other deer nearby to compare it to, it can be very difficult to tell as the fawns have lost their spots and are wearing the same coats an adult. If the deer is playing near your stand or actually looks at you and does not run, it is most likely a naive, 6-month old fawn. What sport is there in shooting something so young that is not even aware of the danger?

Many of you go out with good intentions to get that trophy buck. However, if it is cold and time is passing you might resort to taking the easy prey, instead. I would like to encourage you not to. If you think about the future, you will realize that taking nothing is better then taking a baby.

Here is a picture of a baby buck … he is very cute with those fuzzy little antler nubbins just beginning. If being cute would save his life this year, that would be great. However, I would like you to consider what letting this little buck survive could do to improve your future hunting trips. Look at those wonderful markings, he is a beautiful little buck. Think about how big he will be in a year or two, how important it is for him to pass on his genes to future generations, and how much more “sport” it would be to hunt him as an adult and not a playful fawn. Letting him and his sister and all the other little fawns out there survive the season would benefit everyone.

Let’s face it … if you did shoot a fawn like this, would you be able to mount it proudly on the hood of your truck for all to see what a mighty hunter you are? Of course not, you would be laughed at for shooting a baby. So, save yourself the humiliation or the need to hide your kill to avoid embarrassment and wait for the big one. Even if that means you don’t get a deer this year. Waiting for that trophy deer will make for a much better story down the road and something you can really brag about.

Woman with three little fawns currently playing in her front yard.

These pictures below show the fawns small size better then the closeups above . . . see why a hunter really needs to look?

“I have been studying the traits and dispositions of the “lower animals” (so called) and contrasting them with the traits and dispositions of man. I find the result humiliating to me.” ~ Mark Twain

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~ by bearyweather on October 15, 2011.

8 Responses to “Please, Let Them Grow Up . . .”

  1. Awe, in your front yard? We came upon three little ones on our way to the mountains last night.

    • Yes, they have been visiting me for the past three days. I think they like the green grass that is growing there .. the majority of vegetation in the forest is brown and dry.

      I hope they will be around to visit me this winter, too.

  2. Hi Bearyweather, I am not a hunter. My late Father did hunt. My husband does not hunt. My son does not hunt. I believe it is necessary for conservation-sake to occasionally hunt to thin out over- populated herd areas or for subsistence living but one must be responsible. That is your message and I totally agree! Have a super good day!

    • My brothers all hunt and you are right, I definitely see the need for hunting (especially if it has been a year when I hit a deer with my car or have had too many near misses to drive in safety).

      I just want the hunters that visit my area to hunt responsibly. Too often they invade from the cities and ruin the forest for everyone … trespassing, drive-by hunting, irresponsible shooting, drinking, late night shining, guys getting together to be crazy, leaving messes behind … etc
      Not all, but it only takes a few to make most locals dread the season of hunting visitors.

  3. I hope all the deer hunters read your blog. I hope their heart hears your heart. I hope that they think very deeply before they pull the trigger. Thanks, bearyweather.

  4. Oh! They are so cute. I can’t imagine how anyone could shoot the baby deer. Like Kathy, I hope all the deer hunters read your blog and do as you ask.

    • Personally, I don’t think I could shoot anything (except maybe that destructive woodchuck or the squirrel that is terrorizing my garage ;-)). Even the adult deer are cute to me.
      I just hope the hunters pass by the babies this year.

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