Bear hugs … (revisited)

This is a repost because, unfortunately, I am still in the hospital (things got complicated). I originally posted this back in May of 2009 when I just started blogging and had only a few readers. Bear hugs seems like a topic this bear loving blogger would write about often, however, this is the only one so far … so if you missed it, here it is again. I love the picture.

Inevitably, you knew I would have to at least touch on the subject of bear hugs. Why at this moment? Well, I just visited the North American Bear Center website where they are posting one of the most “awhhh” inspiring hug pictures I have seen in a long time. A greeting between two bears after waking from hibernation, leaving their dens and meeting for the first time this Spring. See ….
smbearhugAccording to Wikipedia, a bear hug is “a strong, hearty embrace, as if being hugged by a bear.” I am not sure if the person writing this definition (or anyone else for that matter) has ever actually been hugged by a bear and I don’t believe bears hug each other very often .. so it is rather amazing that almost everyone has a very warm and loving reaction to even just the words “bear hug” … let alone seeing a picture like this one. Doesn’t it make you feel hugged or long for a hug?
A quick internet search reveals numerous “expert” opinions about hugs. All praising the fact that they are good for your health. (I don’t think I have ever heard a bad word said about a hug, have you?)
Here are just a few …

  • Leo Buscaglia says that “Everybody needs a hug. It changes your metabolism.”
  • Hugs for your heart … a hug hormone? (USA Today article)
  • Hugging for your health – how they are proven to help your health (
  • Virginia Satir, a family therapist, through research has concluded: “We need four hugs a day for survival. We need eight hugs a day for maintenance. We need twelve hugs a day for growth.”

Oh my, I am not even in the survival area! For now, I guess I will have to settle for a really great hug picture or I am going to have to wander the woods looking for the local area hugging bear ;0).

Believe it or not, there is even a web site dedicated to teaching how to hug? Yep, all of the different types of hugs are described, hug etiquette, and there is even a silly video on man hugs.

Seriously, hugs really are important to living a healthy life. And, when it comes to explaining hugs, I think this quote says it all (well, most of it)

“Hugs are not only nice they are needed… Hugs can relieve pain and depression.. make the healthier happier, and the most secure even more so.. Hugging feels good and overcomes fear… It provides stretching exercise to short people and stooping exercise to tall people… Hugging does not upset the environment.. It saves heat and energy… requires no special equipment.. Hugging makes happy days happier and impossible days possible.”
~ Author Unknown

If you still have not had enough gooey sentiments about hugs, you need to visit Hugs you will get your hug sweet tooth satisfied … it may be a little too sweet, so be prepared ….

FYI: The North American Bear Center in Ely Minnesota has a live web cam. Check it out, it is currently overlooking the bears bath tub (a pond) and they are holding guessing contests for when the bears will first jump in ….

Remember, “A hug is a handshake from the heart.” ~Unknown
So, supply the people you love with hugs that have meaning.
The Hug … what a great invention …

After all this talk of hugs, I need to go look for one …

~ by bearyweather on September 6, 2011.

14 Responses to “Bear hugs … (revisited)”

  1. I’m sorry you are still in the hospital: you probably do need a hug or two by now. I hope there is one for you really close by!

  2. So sorry you’ve encountered complications. Hope you’re up and around soon. Sending virtual bear hugs to you.

  3. Well worth the repost! And as to your situation, I am sad to hear that you are in the hospital. Sending you hugs and wishes for a speedy recovery.

  4. I’m so sorry to hear you’re still in the hospital. *Hugs* and wishing you healing and wellness.

  5. I hope they’re looking after you! I’m adding my e-Hugs to those already coming your way, rest up and feel better soon!

  6. Love the bear hug. Love hugs too. And love your blog as well.

  7. A wonderful post- get well soon, bearyweather!

  8. Please close your eyes and imagine, bearyweather. I am giving you a big big bear hug–it’s actually quite gentle–and I hope you can feel it. Here’s another one. Please get all better soon.

  9. Hi Bearyweather, I hope this brings a virtual hug to you! I will be praying for your well-being. I have just returned from a month-long car trip to California to see my son. I will be posting lots of new pictures on my blog in coming days! I send good wishes with the bear hug!

  10. Hi Bearyweather, A wonderful set of snapshots of Fall life in your woods! I am so glad you are back to writing the blog. You have been missed. Have a super day today!

    • I have been so lucky to be homebound during this beautiful Fall. And, it has been fun getting back to my blog and visiting everyone to get caught up on what I missed. Thanks for stopping by.

  11. Thanks to all of you for the support and prayers while I was in the hospital and so sick.
    I have been home for a few weeks and I am getting a little bit better each day. Someone told me that by Christmas these months of pain and sickness would feel like a week. It was hard to believe when an hour was feeling like a day … but, as time passes so does the feeling of time standing still.

    I will be by to visit all of your blogs soon and get caught up on everything I missed. Thanks again for sticking with me through my absence.

  12. So glad to hear you’re doing better, Bearyweather, and that you got to enjoy the beauty of Fall while you have been recuperating. 🙂

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