All Things Green . . .

“If your knees aren’t green by the end of the day, you ought to seriously re-examine your life.”
Bill Watterson (Author of Calvin & Hobbes)

On my walk to the mailbox this morning I saw (gasp) brown ferns. Do you know what that means? It means summer is beginning to end, taking with it most of the green. As soon as I saw that one sign, many others showed up in my vision. Some of the berries are still green, but the plant leaves are looking old.

The hazelnuts are still in green cocoons but the squirrels and chipmunks have already stolen most of them (I was hoping to snatch a couple of them this year). A few yellow leave here and there on the ground, more than just one fern is turning brown, many of the flowers/weeds are losing their bright colors and going to seed. The pinecones the squirrels are harvesting, the sun is shining in my window at 5:45 am instead of 4:30 am and most noticeable of all … fewer morning melodies from the song birds. The woods are becoming much more quiet.

The green of the woods goes out in a blaze of glory that is wonderful to see, but green is what will be missed dearly during the winter months. Therefore, here is my celebration of green … before it all turns to brown.

Green is associated with a lot of wonderful things … in Old English it means growan, “to grow”. It is the color of healthy plants, money and precious emeralds (as well as my eyes). It represents vegans and efficient, nature safe energy. The green movement’s goal is to protect our environment. In many cultures, green stands for fertility and prosperity. Chlorophyll is the most common green chemical found in nature. Green is not a primary color, it is however a mix of yellow and blue. In a few instances green has been related to the devil, inexperience, jealousy and sickness. However, most of the time, for most of us, I think the color green is associated with life and rebirth.

I love green and I am really going to miss it this winter.

~ by bearyweather on July 31, 2011.

14 Responses to “All Things Green . . .”

  1. Tell me it isn’t so…your summer can’t be almost ending, you just thawed out!!!!!! It’ll stay warm here for quite a while. Don’t like it when it’s so hot, but it’s easier for me to endure than the cold, guess I’m just not as good in cold weather. I love all of your green and love hazelnuts, hope you get some of them before the squirrels pig out on them!

    • I know it is crazy … winter lasted way too long this year. It is still warm here, however, after you see one small sign of Fall … you start seeing all the other ones, too (and they are really adding up).
      I prefer the cool weather … hot and humid make me feel awful. I am hoping for a warm Fall that lasts until Christmas, but that is more like an impossible dream.

  2. Its all part of the rhythm of the seasons- would we enjoy the summer as much if there was no winter? Well, maybe! 🙂 But the contrasts certainly make for an interesting experience.

    • I like the rhythm of the seasons … I even enjoy parts of winter. But, the winters here just last way too long (over 6 months this year).
      I wish we could turn it around … 3 months of winter and 6 months of summer.

  3. My grandmother always said, “Green must be God’s favorite color.” It was her favorite, too, and now mine. Enjoyed the post, and it made me re-appreciate summer…with a heat advisory of 114 degrees coming up Wednesday, I needed something to help me appreciate it!

  4. I love green too. It will be sad to see it go this year. After last winter I’m not especially looking forward to this one.

    • I think last winter has left a bad feeling about it with everyone … it was so long and extreme.
      Hopefully, Fall will linger for a long time and winter will be gentle with us this year.

  5. Hi Bearyweather, I think you are correct about the green not lasting much longer, weather-wise. I, too, am seeing signs of an early Fall. The acorns here are already dropping and the squirrels and birds are quite busily gathering food. The Poplars are getting a little gold to them, too. Have a fantastic day (I also love green in all its forms).

    • Isn’t it amazing … as soon as you notice one small sign of Fall all the others pop up out of no where. Seems there are many of us that love green and will be mourning its turning soon.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Your green is so beautiful. Green is the one thing I miss during the winter months, although we do have some evergreens to help out with that every now and then. Still, it’s not quite the same.

    I’ve been seeing signs of autumn here too. It seems early to me, but I could be wrong.

    • I have been in the hospital so long, I am afraid that I am going to be totally shocked by the amount of Fall changes that have happened in just the past 10 days. Seems the snowy whites are not far away.

  7. Hi. I like the quote from Bill Watterson. Also your troubles with the hazelnuts. I have also written a bit about our hazelnuts and those pesky squirrels. I love your approach of highlighting the ‘green’ in color. Jane

    • Thanks for stopping by. I was able to pick one clump of 4 hazelnuts before the squirrels got them … once they dry out a bit, I am looking forward to a special treat.

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