What Melting Reveals . . .

“Words, like nature, half reveal and half conceal the soul within.”

~ Alfred, Lord Tennyson

There are still huge piles of snow here in the woods, but it is melting. Warmer days and some light rain have given us a slow and steady melt this year which is a blessing. I can not imagine the water damage and mud that would hinder our lives here if our record snows were all to melt quickly like last year, there is just too much of it.

A slow melt is interesting. As the snow changes form and sinks down, it gradually reveals what it has collected and held hostage over the past 4 months. The natural debris speckling the snow top makes the snow look gray and dirty from a distance, but look closely at it and it is a work of art. The scattered fragments of nature (pine needles, bark, leaves, moss, pinecones, and dirt) on the snow, the melted rings around the bases of the trees, the collapsed winter snow tunnels of the squirrels all help tell the story of winter life in the woods.

The birds are finding special treats that have been buried for months. As the snow continues to melt, the debris gradually sinks down to the soil beneath and in a few week it will become part of the earth again. It will seep down into the soil enriching it and bring new life to the woods. This is when the beauty of Spring comes. I can hardly wait for the greens to show themselves again.

Melting snow is similar to the process of getting to know someone new. Little by little bits and pieces of their personality, their beliefs, their habits, their dreams, their hurts, their worries, their wants and desires gradually appear over time. As the fragments appear, they slowly sink down revealing the core of their being.

To know someone it takes trust, a willingness to share, and the desire to melt to make the invisible visible. No one can be forced to melt and show you their debris. Everyone has the freedom to choose how much of their life litter they want to show and who they show it to. In the daily course of life we choose who sees only our surface and what parts in and under that surface will never be shown. The depths of our relationships are based on the amount of life litter shared. Getting to know someone is a melting process. The more of yourself you are willing to reveal, the more you will see.

I would say that most of us are scared of our life litter, afraid that it taints us some how. We feel that every pain, happiness, and sorrow leaves a mark on us, flaws us somehow. I disagree, they are not flaws. Like the specks of litter on the snow, our scars, dings, bumps and bruises are a work of art, the art of our life … all together it makes us who we are. It is the richness that is added to our inner souls that makes us grow. When we find a way to live with our life litter openly and honestly, let it sink into us, that is when we are free to live, flourish, and arise anew … to collect more scraps to add to our personal art canvass of life.

“Children show scars like medals. Lovers use them as secrets to reveal. A scar is what happens when the word is made flesh.” ~ Leonard Cohen

Without those scars, we would all be the same … think how boring and plain this world would be. My local radio station has a call in talk show this morning on the topic “Even my best friends don’t know that I (fill in the blank) “. It is very interesting to hear all the public “melting” going on today. Just think of all the interesting conversations we could have with the people we care about if we were willing to fill in the blank. Feel free to fill in the blank and start an interesting conversation here in my comments, at your blog, or with your best friend …. melt a little bit this Spring and see what wonders are revealed.


~ by bearyweather on April 9, 2011.

6 Responses to “What Melting Reveals . . .”

  1. Like the specks of litter on the snow, our scars, dings, bumps and bruises are a work of art, the art of our life … all together it makes us who we are. It is the richness that is added to our inner souls that makes us grow. – beautifully said. We are each unique works of art. Love your writing here on the focus of melting.

    • I have much respect for your words of wisdom and writing, so I really appreciate your compliment .. thanks for always stopping by and adding to my conversations.

  2. I am so glad you were finally able to get out and capture some of what is going on. I know you wanted to (judging from your comments at my blog). These are beautiful photos, Bearyweather, to go with a beautiful post.

    I was trying to come up with something to fill in the blank (“Even my best friends don’t know that I…). Nothing comes to mind right away. I’m afraid my best friends know more than they probably want to know about me. 🙂

    • I must confess, these pictures are from about a week ago when I started writing this post. I was out for only about 30 minutes, but it felt so good. It has been a rainy and cloudy weekend, but it is melting the snow. I look forward to melted lakes, sunshine, and green things showing up soon … everything is either brown or white with snow right now.

      No one on the radio divulged anything earth shattering about themselves yesterday, they were more like quirks (ie: underwear that has to match, wearing socks to bed) … but, I am keeping the topic in mind for a future blog … “Even my best friends don’t know that I … have this blog” (true).

  3. Hi Bearyweather, Nice pictures and equally nice philosophy. The only part about melting snow and ice I do not like is when the ice and hard snow falls from up high and one has to be careful not to get beaned! In personal life, yes, being open is a risk but worth it for many friendships. Have a fabulously nice Sunday tomorrow!

    • Some of those clumps of snow from the tops of the large Norway Pines are dangerous … luckily we are way past that stage. Actually, they usually fall down after each snow storm .. the trees are so tall all it takes is a little bit of wind. Now, in the Fall when the pinecones are falling, you need a hard hat to walk in the woods. Thanks for stopping by. I wish you a lovely Sunday, too.

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