Watching Nature . . .

Watching nature. There are many ways to watch nature these days. Even if you live in the middle of a huge city, you can see the life of bears, eagles, loons and much more unfold live on your computer.

As most of you know, I love bears and pointed you in the direction of a live den cam for Lily the Bear and her cub Hope last year. This year, we watched as Lily gave birth again, this time to two cubs (Faith and Jason). For the last two months, I would tune in periodically or catch the YouTube summaries of all the bears at play in the den. However, it appears that Lily the Bear and her family of three moved out of their den a few days ago … the camera has been staring at an empty den. The weather has not been great so we hoped they would come back to entertain us for a bit longer, but they have not.

For those of you who enjoy watching nature live and are going through bear watching withdrawal I would like to introduce you to another web cam that has become quite exciting this weekend. The Dacorah Eagles nest. This pair of bald eagles have been taking great care of three eggs and the eggs have begun to hatch this weekend. Two of the three have hatched and about 140,000 people on average are patiently waiting for the third hatchling to appear.

In just the last 20 minutes I have watched one of the adult eagles feeding the two hatchlings and the other parent drop off dinner. Check it out … this is real reality tv.

The Bald Eagle

My Aerie, built on craggy cliff,
or in a tree top high.
I soar above the reaching hills,
on lifting winds I fly.

I raise my young with tender care,
until they fly away.
Their destiny to fly alone,
it is but Nature’s way

My prey I seek with piercing eye,
grasp with talon strong.
Then lift into the endless sky
to sing my victory song.

By strength of wing will soar on high.
My future yet to be,
to glide beyond restricting Earth.
Eternity to see.

My place in Nature is secure.
I’m viewed now with respect.
A Symbol for the strong and free,
I fly with no regret.

With courage yet unquestioned,
there’s challenge in my cry,
I lift to heights, unhindered,
An EAGLE… flying high.

~ Don R. Wilkins


~ by bearyweather on April 3, 2011.

12 Responses to “Watching Nature . . .”

  1. wow, fantastic close ups 🙂

    • I did not take those pictures … they are screen captures from the web cam. The web cam on the eagles nest is really great. Who ever is operating it zooms in from time to time to get the action.

  2. Hi Bearyweather, Watching Bald Eagles is interesting. We have several Bald Eagles living in our area but I have not seen any nests around this lake. The Iowa Eagle Cam has been getting a lot of visitors. Last year I watched a similar Eagle Cam on one of the Channel Islands just off California. Thanks for sharing the pictures and information about the Eagle Cam. Have a wonderful day today!

    • We have a lot of Bald Eagles here but they never let you get too close … I love this because it is letting me see for the first time how they raise their young way up high. Tonight I watched as they tried to feed the two eaglets that have hatched … one more egg to go.

  3. Cool…we have a live cam locally so we can watch the new eaglet. I think this new one is the third one they’ve had on video in that area.

    • There seem to be more and more live animal cams every year. Last year I watched the loon cam, but was disappointed when none of the eggs hatched. Hopefully, it will be a better year for the loons. It will be amazing to see three growing eaglets in that nest in a few weeks … can’t wait to see how they will all fit and get alone.

  4. How great those are to see! It wasn’t all that long ago we were afraid there would never be any more of them!

  5. bearyweather…funny! For a moment I stared at your pics of the eagle in the nest and thought, “How in the world did bearyweather get this close to an eagle’s nest???” Ahhhh….now I see. I have enjoyed watching these eagle cams in past years. Thanks for the reminder to tune in again this year.

  6. Funny … even if I truly was part bear, i do not think the Eagles would let me climb their tree. Besides, this bear is terrified of heights … Eagles tend to pick the highest trees.

    I hope you will enjoy the Eagles this year …. the last egg should start hatching at any time, now.

  7. I’ve been watching the Decorahs Eagles nest webcam. Isn’t it amazing? Make that a rhetorical question since I know that you think it’s amazing too. 🙂

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