One Hundred . . .

You don’t need to be a math teacher like me to see that one hundred is a special number. One hundred is the basis of all percentages, most currencies and much of our world revolves and works around the number. On the Celsius scale, 100 degrees is the boiling temperature of water. The United States has 100 Senators, it is the number of years in a century, yards in a football field, number of cents in a dollar, and tiles in a standard Scrabble set. One hundred is also often recognized as a good solid benchmark or goal for so many things. The world is full of “Top 100” lists and we use the number freely when speaking “in general” terms ie: “Not in 100 years”, “One in a hundred”, or something sweeter . . .
“If you live to be 100, I hope I live to be 100 minus 1 day, so I never have to live without you.” ~ Winnie the Pooh

Every student eventually realizes that when it comes to Math, the number 100 is a welcome friend. Once you can count to 100, you can count to any number. Adding 100 to any number is a cinch. Multiplication and division are no problem if 100 or any multiple or power of 100 is involved.

Today, one hundred is extra special to me because it is also the number of posts I have hit the publish button for. One hundred posts written by me. 100, wow, I can’t believe it! Compared to most of my readers, I am just an infant as most of you have hit the 100 post mile marker many times over. But, to me, this is a major milestone. When I started this blog the thought of writing 100 posts would have been a scary, unattainable goal for me to set for myself. I started this blog on a whim, something I never intended to continue for very long … I was just going to try it out. One hundred posts, two years later and I am still here writing … and enjoying it.

I must confess that I have been putting off publishing this, my one-hundredth post, because I thought it should have some deeper meaning than just the fact that I have done this 100 times. My one hundredth post should center around some thing much more serious or fun than just a celebration of the number 100. It should enlighten, inspire, or persuade … my 100th post should be written on a huge, meaningful topic … however, the pressure of writing something so important has left me with nothing but the number 100 to talk about.

Therefore, I started reaching for post ideas related to the number 100 and life and came up empty. For example: “100 days of snow on the ground for me”, but it is actually closer to 130 days of snow and counting. What else can you say about snow except that we are all very tired of it? The school nurse sent me home with a 102º temperature, but that is over 100. I just had my birthday, but I could not find a way to relate that to 100, either. If it was my 50th birthday, maybe (half way to 100) .. but, it is not and we don’t want to rush that milestone now do we? (No way) Following that train of thought on the number 100, I came across a book by Neenah Ellis called “If I Live to Be 100: Lessons from the Centenarians”. Interviews with people who are 100 years old or more … I wonder if that would be an inspiring read? ….. would you want to live to 100 years of age? why or why not?

As you can see, I had a difficult time with the number one hundred as the focus for this post … maybe it is not so special after all? I will leave my 100th post with a very simple celebration of the fact that I have hit a blogging milestone, a deep appreciation of the number 100 and an opportunity for you to share your thoughts on the number 100 by answering a question or two …
If you could have 100 of anything … what would it be?
What 100th milestones have you hit?

~ by bearyweather on March 25, 2011.

10 Responses to “One Hundred . . .”

  1. Congratulation on 100! You made it an interesting read! When I am in old-growth forests, I contemplate the older trees in terms of the centuries during which they have been alive and some of the major events that have taken place in those times. Few of us ever make it to the 100 year mark, while most of them do.

    • I live an in old growth forest .. the red and white pines that tower over my house are hundreds of years old and hopefully will live for a few hundred more. There is a virgin forest called the Lost 40 near by. This forest has never seen a saw … some of the trees require at least two people to give it a hug … that forest is truly amazing.

  2. I’m so glad your whim turned out to be something so much more! I always looke forward to your words of wisdom and glorious pics of nature!

    • Thanks for sticking with me and supporting me with great comments. I always look forward to your new posts for the same reasons. Who knew my whim would lead me to a kindred spirit … it is great that life is so full of surprises.

  3. Congratulations on 100! I like this post. Very much. I never gave the number much thought, and here you’ve made it an interesting number indeed.

    Oh gosh… I’m not sure I would want 100 of anything since I’m trying to declutter my life this year. But the very first thing that came to mind was 100 GB of storage for my photos. (If I decluttered my digital photos, I’d probably need less!)

    I reached the halfway to 50 mark two years ago. I’m almost at 1200 posts so that would be 12 times 100. There may be other 100th milestones, but that’s all I can think of at the moment.

    • I could use 100 GB of storage, too …
      OMGosh … 1200 posts! That is amazing. At the rate I write, it will take me 24 years to hit that milestone … congratulations!

  4. Hi Bearyweather, Congratulations on your fabulous 100th post on your very creative blog. One hundred wishes for your happiness, health, career, and of course, blog post writing. Have a great day tomorrow!

  5. So it looks like 100 is just the beginning! Since most of the things you’ve mentioned lead on past 100. 😉

    Here’s to 100 more and then some, Beary. I love reading your posts and seeing the wonderful images; I look forward to many more.

    Something I’d want 100 of? I suppose I could say I’d love to have 100 paid days off to travel and experience life with every year. That might be a good start!

    100th milestones? Hmmm, I’m still in the early 90s for blog posts, so soon I’ll hit that milestone but I’ll have to think about any others…

    • Good point … 100 is the beginning to a lot of things. 100 paid days off … I sort of have that with teaching. I have the summer off. However there is a price to pay … we cram a years worth of work into 9 months and recover for 3 months.
      I look forward to your 100th post … and more.

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