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The Stylish Bloggers Award was recently presented to me. There are three requirements for accepting this award. First, I need to link back to “Adventures and Insight”, the blogger who honored me with this award. It truly is an honor to be recognized for my efforts, especially by someone who writes a “stylish” blog himself. Be sure to check out his fun blog, where he shares his many adventures and thoughts in an entertaining way.

The second requirement is to share seven things about myself. So here we go …

1) In 3rd grade my teacher assigned each student a bird to do a report on. I got “chickadee”. That is the day I found my favorite bird. To this day, Chickadee’s are still my favorite bird. I love their “chick-a-dee-dee” song, they are friendly, pretty to look at, wait their turn patiently at the bird feeder and daintily only take one sunflower seed at a time … and they fill my yard with life and songs during the very cold, dark winter.

2) I gave up drinking pop many years ago. Once in a while I might have some due to circumstances (fast food restaurant) or an old buried craving rears up. But, after a sip or two .. that is more than enough (it is way too sweet for me). Give me a glass of cold water with maybe a squeeze of lime or lemon and small pieces of ice you can crunch and I am much, much happier. (yes, I have confessed to my dentist that I do this bad thing … I don’t get a lecture because I have given up something that is worse – pop)

3) I love the sound of an acoustic guitar .. well, to be honest, almost all guitars.

4) I would much rather go hiking waterfalls and exploring the North Shore of Lake Superior (even in bad weather) then shopping at the Mall of America any day of the year (both big tourist attractions in my State of Minnesota). I am not much of a shopper and I hate crowds, traffic and commercialism.

5) I have a creative, artistic nature and many hobbies that allow me to express myself. Besides my photography, I also design websites, quilt, stain glass, sketch and cook. However, work and family has kept me too busy to enjoy any of them for a while. To find balance and sanity, I need to get these hobbies back into my life sooner than later.

6) I have car issues. I often fear that my car will disappoint me and leave me stranded in the middle of no where (because over the years it has happened more times than I can remember). Therefore, I keep a newer vehicle and it gets the best care. I hate flat tires (I seem to get a lot of them in bad weather and far off places) … I often wonder why don’t we have “hover craft” tireless cars, yet? (just think about it .. less road maintenance needed, no recycling issues). Right now, I have a flaky gas gauge … do I have enough to get to town today? (it is going to be close)

7) My first summer here in my new woodsy home, I thought I could train the red squirrels to leave the bird feeders alone by sitting on my porch with a SuperSoaker water gun (the really big one that could shoot many yards away). It worked, sort of … it worked as long as I was home and the squirrels could see me sitting on the porch.

Thirdly, this award empowers me to bestow “The Stylish Blogger” award (and a stylish blogger image to display prominently on their blog) to six bloggers who I feel are deserving. This is the tough part as everyone on my blogroll is deserving of this award. To narrow down the field, I have decided to focus on Stylish “Nature” Bloggers.

1) Water Witch’s Daughter ~ much wisdom, nature photography, hiking adventures, and beautiful thoughts are shared here.
2) Bogs of Ohio ~ Another woman who enjoys and appreciates the nature that lives all around her in Ohio and shares it with beautiful pictures.
3) Crane Lake Minnesota ~ A wonderful wildlife, photography blog that provides a glimpse into nature near my home in northern Minnesota.
4) Upwoods ~ Words and pictures that give you a great glimpse into life in a small town and the nature of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
5) Montana Outdoors ~ Professional photos of nature out west … makes me want to take a long vacation there this summer.
6) Graf Nature Photography ~ a gorgeous photography site I visit to escape into nature when I can’t get out there myself.

Congratulations. I hope you will prominently display your Stylish Bloggers Award on your blog and forward this honor onto 6 blogs of your choice. (Just follow the three rules of acceptance … a link back, include 7 things about yourself and of course your 6 award winners)

~ by bearyweather on February 21, 2011.

8 Responses to “Stylish Bloggers . . .”

  1. I didn’t realize you quilt, yay! I so want to learn stain glass. I love your blog and always look forward to your beautiful photography and wise thoughts. Congrats on your well deserved award and thank you so much for considering me…However, I deleted my awards page about eight months ago for personal reasons, but I am honored that you thought of me. I can’t wait to check out all of the lovely blogs you mentioned here, just not sure when I’ll get to it – I have a terminal illness in my family and will be doing some traveling here and there, and my mind is not really focused on my blog. I will continue to visit and post as time permits and I am in the “now” to do it, a bit of a rough patch on my road right now. But thank you.

    • Suzi, you are a stylish blogger whether you display your award or not. Tuck it away for your personal viewing and maybe it will give you a little “blogging boost” on those days when you just don’t feel like blogging. Your words and thoughts always mean so much to me, I think we are kindred spirits (if such a thing exists). I am currently pondering your “desire vs longing” question and when I figure it out in my head, I will comment soon.
      My thoughts have been with you quite often lately, I am sorry life has thrown you such a tough thing to deal with.

  2. Bearyweather, thank you so much for the award! It means a LOT to me that you like the blog and want to pass along the award. We bloggers know how much we put into our blogging worlds. It feels good to be recognized. I am probably not going to play along right now–have lots happening–but will put the award in my heart and bring it out to smile on cloudy winter-long days.

    It is interesting reading about the seven things you chose to share. Guess what happened to me in third grade? I wrote a poem about a Robin. Beginning a life-long love of robins until they started pecking on our windows incessantly two years ago. Then our romance cooled. lol!

    We have never thought of the squirt gun method to keep red squirrels under control either…and our cars used to give us NO END of trouble in our early years in the Northwoods.

    Thanks again for the award, and I will check out some of the other blogs you recommended. Thanks for being a Stylish Blogger!

    • You are welcome. I totally understand not wanting to play along. I have received a few of these types of awards over the past few years and this is the first time I played along. I decided to pass it around for several reasons … there are many excellent bloggers out there and I thought it was time they knew I appreciated them, the timing was right for me to do it, and I realized (after a few other bloggers thought I was a big, grizzly type “guy” bear) I have not shared very many things about me personally and this would give me the opportunity to do that.
      I am pretty good at sharing my thoughts and my natural world in my blog (because that is why I started it), but I have kept my personal facts pretty hidden … and after reading my 7 facts about me, you can see that I am still keeping myself hidden in the woods. It was a difficult balance for me … I tried to pick things that were interesting and uniquely me (with a little humor) yet, would not make it sound like my profile on a social networking or dating site.

      If you are home a lot, I definitely recommend trying the super soaker on your squirrels and isn’t it interesting that the reports we did in 3rd grade (just one in thousands throughout school) stuck with both of us? … I still love my Chickadees.

  3. Thank you so much, Bearyweather. I’m flattered that you picked me and will work on the requirements for accepting the award very soon.

    I enjoyed reading the 7 things about you and getting to know you a little better. 🙂

  4. Hi Bearyweather, My hearty congratulations on this well-deserved honor for your blog. I so enjoy what you have to say and how you say it! Have an outstanding day today!

    • Thanks, it is always nice to meet new bloggers. I just found your site recently, but have added you to my blogroll. It will be interesting to see how your wild life differs from mine here in the north.

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