Weather Talk is Inevitable . . .

Are you tired of winter weather talk, yet? If we took a poll, I can bet that most of the nation is really tired of hearing about and experiencing the snow, ice and cold temperatures … but, I don’t think we ever tire of talking about the weather. If we did tire of it, there is no way 24 hour weather stations could continue to be successful.

Forecasting the weather is an art, a challenge, a gamble and a thrill to many scientists and amateur meteorologists. This winter has been extra harsh and has given most of the country much to talk about. However, weather talk is nothing new. It has been a major topic of discussion for forever. It does not take a major storm for us to talk about it, we talk about the weather when it is warm and sunny, also. Throughout the ages, weather talk was important for survival (ie: farmers to grow food, safe travel, suitable shelter and clothing, etc …) People depended on the predictions of the Farmer’s Almanac for a couple of centuries. Today, we depend on the National Weather Service, the Weather Channel and many weather websites (I bet you have at least one of these sites bookmarked, right?). Although we still talk about the weather to get survival information I think it has also become a more casual daily comment on life. Weather talk is usually a good conversation starter, it gives us something to complain about, and provides us periodically with amazement as I think we tend to forget how powerful nature is. Talking about the weather is inevitable and unavoidable, because “weather” is a common group experience!

I am one of those people who has really had enough winter for one year. I am tired of white, shoveling, cold temps, cleaning my car off, slippery roads, piles of snow taller than me, dark/short days, winter coats, mittens and boots. However, if I can force myself to go out and mingle with the white stuff, I can still find and see the beauty in it. Good thing, because I still have a few more wintry months to go.
Here is some of the white beauty I found this week ….

Snowy Pines

Snowy woods

Icy Crystals

Hungry visitor

“Advice is like snow – the softer it falls, the longer it dwells upon, and the deeper in sinks into the mind.
~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge

~ by bearyweather on February 5, 2011.

7 Responses to “Weather Talk is Inevitable . . .”

  1. Your photos are beautiful. I’m glad you had the chance to go out and find the beauty. I know what you mean about being tired of it. Getting out helps but still, I would love to be able to walk out the door without spending 20 minutes getting layered and booted and mittened up to go out there.

    I remember the first time I saw The Weather Channel. I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. I’ve always been fascinated with weather and weather predictions. Perhaps I should have been a meteorologist. I would find myself glued to the TV when there was a tropical storm or hurricane even though I was nowhere near the coast. Any big weather event had me watching as though it were a soap opera. The Weather Channel was, to me, the first in reality television shows.

    I don’t watch it now although I do have it bookmarked. We decided to opt out of cable television more than a few years ago. Too expensive. We do have cable internet, though. Originally for my husband’s work and youngest son’s schooling when he was in college and house sitting for us. Every time we go to switch to something cheaper, the cable company manages to keep us at a good (cheap) price so we stick with it. For now.

    • Thanks for popping in to look at more snow … I know you see plenty of it, too. Let’s hope some colors besides white and gray start showing up outside our windows real soon.

      I do not have television reception, satellite, or cable … only a stack of movies, a dvd player and my wonderful computer with a huge screen. I watch a lot of shows and weather from my computer … it is a great way to go because I can watch on my schedule and it is almost free.

  2. I’d still love to hear a lot more about the weather your side. I love the winter pictures! we never have snow fall here. It all seems like a dreamland to me, when I see the pictures of snow covered roof tops, trees! Beautiful 🙂

    • Weather is a daily conversation topic here … I am sure I will have much more to say about it. It is beautiful at times … unfortunately, we head back into a deep freeze this week with temps 20 below … brrr.

  3. I love your snowy pictures. You have such great perspective in the angle you capture things. And no one ever tires of weather talk – where I live it changes as often as I change my mind!

    • Our weather has been changing it’s mind pretty drastically .. last week we had a range of temps between 30 below and 38 above (68 degree rise). This morning, we have 20 below plus wind (don’t want to calculate what the wind chill might lower that to) and by the weekend we are suppose to hit 35 above … flexibility is a necessity when mother nature can not make up its mind.

  4. Love these pics, Beary! And I love your blog – so I present you with an award! Via my latest post 😉

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