The Wisdom of Life . . .

“To succeed in life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone and a funnybone.” ~Reba McEntire

My ears and eyes have been filled with words of wisdom about life lately. I am not sure if the words have been flying more freely out the people in my life and the blogs I read or I am just more aware of them and open to hearing them. Seems everyone around me is facing change and/or challenges: students planning for futures, new babies, marriages, divorces, illness, new homes, nursing homes, retirement, unemployment and depression. For some of these situations, I feel wise enough to share my thoughts, for others I am looking for answers (wisdom), and for others I rely on wiser people. If I could choose what to have a lot of in my life (money, power, knowledge, fame time, whatever) I would definitely choose wisdom.

Some people just seem to be born wise, others develop wisdom over time and some just never get it. The majority of wisdom each of us possess comes from our experiences and our mistakes. Growing up, many adults tried to share their wisdom with us. They tried to help us avoid mistakes and pain and lead us down a safe path. How much of what they shared with us did we listen to at the time? I am guessing, not much and our wisdom came from adversity, instead. Why didn’t we accept this wise advise and use it? Maybe, when we are young, we are not capable of understanding the wisdom people share with us? Maybe it takes life experiences for us to even see the value in the wisdom passed on to us?

The wisdom I have been hearing and reading has been swirling around in my thoughts and has opened my mind to new possibilities. Therefore, I started keeping a wisdom list this month. Here is just a short glimpse of the words of wisdom I have picked up recently:

Life is an adventure.
Intrinsically, this is something we know .. but, when was the last time we actually thought about life that way? When was the last time we looked for the adventure in life? In my opinion, anything new is an adventure … when was the last time we invited something new into our life? (new ideas, opinions, friends, even a restaurant)

Life reflects our inner thoughts.
A positive view of the life adventure will bring positive things. We will look forward to new things, we will seek out change and growth.
A negative view of the life adventure will bring negative things to our life. It has the power to depress us and freeze us in place.
“Do not expect the world to look bright, if you habitually wear gray-brown glasses.” ~ Charles Eliot

Words of life
“What” is a word … and “If” is a word … but, put them together and they become a thought dilemma, a life challenge, a new life path, a regret of the past. Take a moment to think about these two words … “What if?”
What if I would have ….. ? What if tomorrow I ….. ? Are your “what if’s” pushing you forward to a dream or holding you back in regrets?

Live in the light of love
Every good thing in life has a base of love. Love is meant to be shared in thought and deed. Holding love inside is a way of killing life. Love must be given away even if it is not returned. If you give love – talk lovingly, even in hurtful circumstances, you will feel better inside and the outcome of the situation will be the best it can be. “It hurts to love someone and not be loved in return, but what is the most painful is to love someone and never find the courage to let the person know how you feel.” ~ unknown

“What’s the worse that could happen” scenario.
When stuck in a rut, when things just continue to get worse, … Attitude is everything. It can kill us or save us. If we can change our perspective, change our attitudes, change our habits maybe our situation will improve. When considering changes in life it is helpful to ask … “what is the worse that could happen?” Looking at things that way can sometimes open up our eyes to the fact that it probably will not make things worse, there really is nothing left to lose, and everything to gain.

Life is better if you dream your life.
Instead of just existing, surviving each day, maintaining the status quo, you should dream and envision what you would like your life to be.
I am inspired by a couple of bloggers who, instead of resolutions this year have come up with a list of dreams of things they would like to do/accomplish during the year 2011. “Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.” ~ James Dean

Life is full of unexpected surprises.
Some people think of surprises as the spice of life and others fear them. Surprises can be good or bad … the only thing they have in common is that they are extremely unpredictable. And, just by their nature, surprises are not something we have any control of and trying to plan for them just does not work. Of course, we try to plan ahead for some things like having an accident, house burning down, winning the lottery, getting sick … but, even when those things happen they are unexpected. To get through, we need to have faith that things will work out for the best and most importantly, stay flexible and open to handle the surprises that pop up in our life. In the end, some surprises, even the bad ones, change your life in some way and fill it with special new gifts.

About Risk
Risk is a scary one for most people. To step away from comfort, to challenge yourself, to risk change. To grow in new ways. To stretch the known and explore the unknown. A new friend shared this poem about risk with me (I added the picture):

My eyes, ears, mind and heart are open to wisdom … and I am still working on this list. Do you have any wise words to add to my list? I would love for you to share a wise thought with me this week.

~ by bearyweather on January 30, 2011.

9 Responses to “The Wisdom of Life . . .”

  1. Maybe it takes life experiences for us to even see the value in the wisdom passed on to us? -I think that is probably the answer. We must read many of the same blogs, seems like a lot of wise people out here as I’ve been reading much the same messages as you. I love it when a post makes me think which this one does. I am especially thankful that you shared “To Risk”. It is so very true and wise. Thank you…getting my butt in gear to take that risk and start what I”ve put off all day long!

  2. Even as adults … knowing what we know … it is still a challenge to put all this wisdom into action. Some of these messages were from family, friends and co-workers. Suzi … I pick up a lot of wisdom at your blog ;0) Thanks.

  3. This is a wonderful post, Bearyweather. 🙂

    I can’t think of any wise thoughts to share at the moment. I’m enjoying yours so much that there doesn’t seem to be anything to add to it.

    Since taking on the outdoor challenge, I’ve been stretching, overcoming some fears/phobias, learning new things, and seeing it all as one big adventure. I hope these are things I will continue to take with me once the year of the commitment is over.

    • Thank you. I have really been enjoying your outdoor posts about your adventures, too. All those things you are doing (like learning how to ski) I did several years ago. I loved them they breathed life into my life … and I am sad that I am not still doing them. It is not like I intentionally quit doing them …. but, I gradually let other things in life take time away from it and it slowly disappeared. Your posts are inspiring me to revisit the outdoor adventures I have been neglecting. You have to continue to make time to do the things you love … or they vanish on you.

  4. Bearyweather, I really like this post. All of us have wisdom to share. It’s always interesting to deepen into a friendship and discover the wisdom another person has learned. As for wisdom tonight~~I think most of my thoughts are already asleep, lol.

    • There is nothing better than a deep conversation with a friend you really care about and connect with … you can learn so much about yourself in the process.
      Don’t worry, feel free to stop back and add a bit of wisdom any time.

  5. Well your take on life is cool . I believe life is all about how you made a difference in the lives of others , it’s about relationships you share with your parents,friends,spouse and above all with God . There has to be balance in life , balance of everything you can think of.
    The Lifestyle Test
    How do you live your life?

  6. I agree, balance is the big key to a rich life. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. I appreciate your thoughts and I really like this post. Its good that you have shared a glimpse of the wisdom of life that you have gathered and, definitely we shall share our wisdom too! 🙂

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