Tied Up In Knots . . .

I bet, like me, there have been times in your life when you were tied up in emotional knots, right? The kind of knots that are tied with rope made from negative self-talk that says “I am not worthy, not good enough or not strong enough” to do what our heart may be shouting at us to do? The knots may center around making drastic changes in our life, reaching for life long dreams, giving ourselves to someone else, walking away from things that have damaged us, trying something new, changing bad habits, allowing someone new into our heart and life, or facing a fear. I believe that the emotional knots are formed because these changes all involve some degree of risk and trust and faith. To compound the problem, we can easily make our knots bigger and more difficult to escape from by repeatedly attempting to examine, rehash, and dissect our knots until we basically allow our fears, lack of trust and confidence to prevent us from taking on these challenges in life. Ironically, we many even know that by taking these chances/risks that we could actually make our lives better by waking up our world and brightening our hearts … but, we talk ourselves out of it with negatives.

I recently almost allowed a big batch of those “not” thoughts to scare me from doing what my heart wanted to do. Then, I remembered seeing this Knot Prayer at a blog I visit regularly and it encouraged me to take some risks and go for a dream. Like most of my plans, things get twisted and switched around and even though the result may look totally different then I ever imagined, it some how works out and taking those risks pay off in fuel bursts of life.

If you are feeling like you are not good enough, not worthy, or you feel you cannot take a risk that your heart would really like you to … maybe this prayer can help you, too.

I pray we can all find a way to shut out those voices that prevent us from living our lives with Our Arms Wide Open (Creed) to every possibility. To feel the fear but untie all those inner knots of doubt and take the chance on the life-giving risks that come our way.

And, if you are in the mood for a little bit more music from Creed … My Sacrifice … is a great song and related … sometimes we have to make sacrifices to save ourselves … to make our lives the best they can be.

~ by bearyweather on January 17, 2011.

8 Responses to “Tied Up In Knots . . .”

  1. HMM…I do grasp what you mean by self talk that is downputting and abusive to self. As I read, I thought about how wonderful inner voices are! They kick my butt when my imagination wishes so much for a thing that I fall into denial or into delusion. I know that creepy crawly feeling on my skin and though I may spin in it for a minute or ok, sometimes days. I know in the end I always have a choice. Reactions are real and they come from a real place, those are to be relied upon to know what to do, where to go. The ones that morph into living frozen hell while potentially based in good wise direction, need observation to know the difference and from as safe a distance as is possible.

    I love the chance to watch and to choose. I think the knots can come in me, when I do not know the difference between a knowing and a habitual reaction based on worn out or unresolved holdings or resentments that I have or I hold.

    Thank you for this post. It was important to me 🙂

    • You hit on a great point .. it is all about choices. We choose whether to listen to the positive voices in our heads or the negative ones. When we get frozen in negative knot hell, we choose how long we stay there and we also choose how to get out.
      Sometimes it is hard to break away .. if I say it enough, remind myself enough, this prayer helps me untie the knots I have tied in my thoughts.

      (a conversation with a really great friend that talks to my positive voice, does amazing things, too …. close friends seem to know exactly what you need to hear.)

      I am glad you found it helpful, too.

  2. Thinking about my own knots. The knots I so want to untie–but somehow cannot untangle. I am trying to focus on what is working in my life right now, rather than the knots that don’t seem to respond to anything. I pray that our knots can be untied (I accidentally typed “united”…hmmmm) and our hearts lighten.

    • I agree, those “not” knots don’t respond or help anything … they only grow in size and hurt more. Walking away from the negatives is a challenge sometimes, but always worth it. When I found this prayer, it just made me feel better and gave my positive voice some strength to at least shut down the volume on the negative one binding me in knots.

  3. What a beautiful sentiment – and something I needed today more than you will ever know. Thank you for that.

    • I love when that happens … I have often found the perfect post at one of my favorite blogs at just the right moment, it is like someone was reading my mind. One of the magical aspects of blogging I appreciate.

  4. Thank you for not only sharing this lovely prayer, but for your inspiring words as well. I sometimes let those “nots” form into “knots” throughout my body…weird how the emotional manifests into physical. Thanks again.

    • The physical pangs of my emotional knots tend to be what finally wakes me up to what I am doing to myself and stop it. It is scary to think about all the physical damage I could have (or maybe have) done to myself over the years with just emotional knot tying turmoil.

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