Finally, A Bear Update . . .

For all the Bear lovers out there who have been waiting for me to post something about bears, I finally have something new to share. Obviously, “new” bear news has been pretty scarce ever since the bears crawled in their dens at the end of October this year. The only thing there was to blog about while they slept the days away was maybe to provide some links to the bear research site so that you could get the latest news from their bear study. However, that is about to change.

Lily from

Lily and Hope (our two favorite bears) are about to make research history again. (In case you were hibernating last year and do not know who they are check out my post from last year – sleepy momma.)

The start of this new bear story began during the months of November and December, while Lily and Hope were snuggled together in their new den. While they slept, all around them the scientists at the American Bear Association were busy setting up a new den camera (and possibly another outside the den) so that we can once again be live witnesses to Lily giving birth and taking care of her new cub (or cubs). The big event could take place as early as this coming weekend (January 15th).

A den camera is not new (as the hundreds of thousands of us who watched Lily give birth to Hope last year know). However, this camera will be documenting an event that has never been seen, a bear giving birth to new cubs while she is still caring for her cub from last year. Normally, Lily would not be pregnant this year, her and Hope would just be sleeping the winter away together. However, because of unusual circumstances, Lily is pregnant and the new cubs will be born in a den with a year old sibling. All bear loving eyes are anxious to see how this birth and early weeks of life will progress for this bear family.

For the den camera links, check out the North American Bear Center and you can watch life in the bear den unfold.

For daily written updates, more information about Bears and the organization in Minnesota studying Lily and Hope (and other bears) visit the Wildlife Research Institute.
Written updates and discussions can also be found on Lily the Black Bear’s Facebook page.

“Hibernation is a covert preparation for a more overt action.” ~ Ralph Ellison

~ by bearyweather on January 8, 2011.

6 Responses to “Finally, A Bear Update . . .”

  1. This is so exciting. Thanks for posting the link so we can all watch, I am going to save it to my faves!

  2. I watched this bear–I think it was this bear–in the den last winter! Thank you for sharing, Ms. Bearyweather. 🙂

  3. Update: Lily gave birth to what the experts say are two new little cubs yesterday afternoon. I was at school so I missed it. Video of the births can be viewed at YouTube:

    Fans are now watching for the first glimpses of the new babies. With extremely low temperatures (-30’s to -40’s) and so much fur in that den it might be a challenge.

  4. Update #2 …. Best view of the new cubs so far can be seen in this video:

  5. Update #3: The cutest video of Hope (last year’s cub) dealing with a new cub, clinging to her head was captured on the den cam today. It can be seen at:

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