Do you have enough snow? . . .

Just in case you do not have enough snow of your own to look at, I have finally found sometime to update my photo page with the beautiful white stuff. They can be seen here (or the link on the right)
As beautiful as it is … as much fun as it can be … I really wish it did not over stay its welcome every year.
(I also hate how it messes up traveling). However, since there is nothing we can do to control its visit, we might as well find ways to enjoy it. I enjoy it the most with my camera.

They are predicting 30º weather for us and rain by thursday … crazy. I won’t be traveling in that mix but, if I can walk on it without the danger of breaking my neck (or causing great damage to my camera) I am sure there will be some very interesting pictures to add to these. Stay tuned. (still waiting for my blue jays to cooperate, too)


~ by bearyweather on December 27, 2010.

8 Responses to “Do you have enough snow? . . .”

  1. Good luck with the blue jays. I know how evasive they can be. (I have at least 50 unsuccessful photos for the one or two good ones.) We’re expecting 50 degrees and rain over the weekend. It will be the first January thaw, and make a mess of things when it freezes.

    Your snow photos are gorgeous. It almost makes me wish I was there. And then I remember I have my own snow here. 🙂

    • The trick with the blue jays is sunshine and cooperation. Blizzard conditions began today with predictions of 11″ of new snow .. fun.
      Thanks, your pictures are gorgeous, too.

  2. What a wonderful teaser shot! (And the rest are gorgeous, too.)

    • Thanks … with so much snow falling in all parts of the country, I hesitated posting them right now … I think most people have had enough snow in their lives.

  3. Beuatiful photographs! I especially love the first one. We had a good snow, the first blizzard in years…and now it has melted, only took a week.

  4. The first one is my favorite, too. I went back the next day when the sun was shining to get a brighter shot … the snow petals were gone.
    I wish my snow was short lived like yours. We just had two blizzards pass through in two days … the snow is very deep this year and will be with me for at least 3-4 more months (very big sigh)

  5. I love your photos! If you look up the definition of “procrastinator,” there’s a picture of Happy New Year!

    • You are in there, too? Amazing.
      I have not had school in over a week, I go back tomorrow … so, you guessed it … I am doing all my school work today, at the very last minute (oh the stress of it all) … and I know better, it has haunted me for a week … I just plain did not want to even think about it.

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