The Bible Bump . . .

The Bible Bump. No, that is not a typo, I didn’t mean Bible Belt. The Bible Bump is a brand new thing to me .. actually, I thought one of my students just made it up when she told me her mother had one. You might be surprised to find out that a Bible Bump is not a new dance, a Christian rock band, or even a problem with a new Bible printing.

If you don’t know what a Bible Bump is, don’t feel dumb … I had to google it to find out whether or not my student was just pulling my leg. I was happy to find out that a Bible Bump is what she said it was … a Ganglion Cyst (most commonly in the area of the wrist). It got its religious slang name because of how it is removed. The common home remedy has been to smash it with the heaviest book in the house, usually the Bible or big dictionary. Smashing it is not recommended by some doctors, but if you do a search at YouTube, you would not know that .. there are many successful and sometimes humorous “book removals” posted there.
(A removal of a Ganglion Cyst “by the book” at YouTube)

Curiosity sent me back to google to find out if there were any other interesting ailments named for their homemade cures. My search came up empty … all I found were ailments named for how they look or what they do to you. Here are a few other old, strange names for medical conditions:

Heart Sickness – Condition caused by loss of salt from body
Grocer’s Itch – Skin disease caused by mites in sugar or flour
Rose cold – Hay fever or nasal symptoms of an allergy
Screws – Rheumatism
Shingles – a painful skin condition, commonly in older people, caused by the virus that produces chicken pox which can remain dormant in the body for many years.
Worm fit – Convulsions associated with teething, worms, elevated temperature or diarrhea
Flux of Humour – circulation
Gravel – Kidney stones

As you can see, nothing as interesting and entertaining as the Bible Bump. I did find an interesting site with “Grandma’s home remedies” that appears to be tried and true. And a site with a growing list of homemade remedies.
If you know of any interestingly named remedies or ailments, please share them ….

~ by bearyweather on November 25, 2010.

7 Responses to “The Bible Bump . . .”

  1. Ouch, seems simple to treat but that MUST hurt

  2. Well I learned something today! A Bible Bump. You are a font of information…you really are. Hope you are almost dug out of your snow, bearyweather.

  3. I’ve never heard of a Bible Bump either. That video was pretty amazing. I think I’d rather do that then endure surgery.

  4. I’ve had a ganglion cyst on the side of a finger that I had to have surgery on. I never heard it called a Bible Bump. I love learning new Very interesting post!! đŸ™‚

  5. Very cool! Love the video and the story, thanks for sharing.

  6. I learn something new from my students everyday .. so, I am glad I was able to do a little google research and share a strange little medical tidbit with you.
    I watched several of those videos .. they all looked painful but seemed to work. The anticipation of being hit by a book, had me wincing in my chair.

  7. I’ve never heard it referred to as a bible bump! funny. I had one years ago, and it disappeared on its own…no, I didn’t smash it with a bible or any big book!

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