Playing in the Snow . . .

The first snow of the season came this weekend. Only about 2 inches up here in the north, unlike the 12+ that dropped on the Twin Cites and other points south and east. The snow falling was new and beautiful on Saturday, but by Sunday night it felt like it had been here for months already. Snow is not really a welcome friend … it is more of a relative that over stays their welcome (it will be with us now until at least April).

What was a welcome sight tumbling into my front yard with the snow were my two fawns. I watched them for hours this weekend nuzzling their noses down in the snow to get to the grass beneath. Their mother was nowhere to be seen, so unfortunately, I believe hunting season has left them orphans. It was their first snow ever, so they have no idea what awaits them in the next month or so.

Ironically, I caught my first glimpse of them a few minutes after reading the latest Photo Challenge at one of my favorite photography sites … within 10 meters. Take a really great picture within a 10 m circle of where I was reading the challenge. Poof … fawns in the snow. If I submit one of these, do you think they will believe it was taken from my front window and I followed the rules?
(Pictures below: three obviously of fawns, picture of the lake, and … can you see who is hiding in the raspberry canes? …. I entered the snow-nosed deer at the top of this post.)

~ by bearyweather on November 17, 2010.

10 Responses to “Playing in the Snow . . .”

  1. Beautiful pictures. You’re very lucky to be able to see this in your own yard. Thank you for posting.

  2. Hi bearyweather! You were certainly the lucky one to have those snowy-nosed fawns in your yard. Amazing! I took snow photos this morning–haven’t posted them yet–but they ended up being rather ordinary photos compared to your gorgeous ones. You know, green grass sticking out the snow… I know what you mean about the relative that stays and stays. How long will our relative snow stay this year?

  3. Wow! Great captures. I don’t envy you the snow (we’ll have enough of that here soon), but do wish our deer were as friendly as yours seem to be.

  4. Aww, great pictures. I used to feed 13 of them everynight during the winter. Poor things could not find anything to eat. The snow was so deep. Love you photos!

  5. Thanks. I realize that I am very lucky to have a great window on nature, a great zoom, and unique sights … I enjoy sharing them with everyone.
    I don’t feed the deer and they are far from friendly, one noise or flash of movement and they take off …. I have to be patient, sneaky and lucky to get a good picture of them .. they can see me through the windows. Last weekend, it paid off with a few pictures I feel very fortunate to get. I am glad you enjoyed them …

  6. Love the photo of the fawn with snow on his nose, so cute! Snow is beautiful but quickly bcomes an inconvenience to daily life. I love all of the pictures…I look forward to many more of your winter wonderland in the coming months.

  7. As usual, fantastic photos! Thank you so much for sharing them, I only love the snow because I’ve never spent any time in it, so it’s still very magical to me.

    • Well, you will have to try it some time. It will still appear magical to you if you spend a week or so in it. It isn’t until about Feb/March that we hate snow (our snowy winter will probably be 6 months this year) .. that is when all the magical shimmers are gone and we wish it would leave and never return. Love it for the holidays, though .. as long as the roads are drivable.

  8. What lovely photos. Thank you for sharing. The other day I spotted a beautiful buck prancing through a snowy field. I wished that I had my camera along with me.

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