Some Odd and Unrelated Things . . .

Throughout the week I pick up little bits of knowledge from various places, discover new things, and hear stories that make my mind wander. I tuck it all away for when I have time to sit down to write a new post for my blog. Sometimes there is enough content to construct a worthwhile post, sometimes it turns into a topic I get really interested in and research it further, and at other times all it amounts to is a sentence or two.
So that my collection of odd, unrelated things (not yet worthy of posts of their own) does not go to waste I thought I would put them all together in a post. Here they are . . . with their “would-have-been” titles:

♦ Are your vitamins really healthy?
Did you know that you can test your vitamins and see how pure they are? Just put one in a glass of water and wait one hour. Are there any sediments in the bottom of the glass? If so, your vitamins may not be totally absorbed by your body …. if it is totally dissolved, all of your vitamins are absorbed into your body where you want them.

♦ Coffee Press .vs. Coffee Maker.
I had never seen one, but when my automatic coffee maker died I bought a coffee press. I am finding out that it is a delicious cup of coffee made easily .. no plastic parts, no throw away filters … just great pot of coffee.

♦ Famous Jingle Writers
I bet you can sing along with me (or the video at YouTube)
…. “I am stuck on Band Aids. cuz Band Aids stuck on me.”
… “Just like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.”
Guess who wrote both of those jingles and many others? (Answer …. Barry Manilow)

♦ The Science of Crying
I am not sure I believe this one … guess I will have to pay attention the next time I cry. When someone cries and the first drop of tears comes from the right eye, it’s happiness. If it comes from the left eye, it’s pain.

♦ The Oldest Trees in Minnesota
The oldest trees in Minnesota are the White Cedar trees at Three Mile Island (Boundary Waters). Although I have never been to Three Mile Island, I have seen the same gnarly white cedar trees that grow in rock along the North Shore of Lake Superior. The fact that they can grow and live so very long in that rock is amazing. (See my picture of cedar trees by Gooseberry Falls, MN)

Disclaimer: I reserve the right to get interested in any or all of these possible blog post topics again in the future and write a complete post.


~ by bearyweather on October 23, 2010.

11 Responses to “Some Odd and Unrelated Things . . .”

  1. All very interesting. I’m going to have to test my vitamins now. 🙂

  2. We have a Three Mile Island but it is a nuclear power plant and was the site of some sort of accident when I was young(er).

  3. It’s a wonder a windstorm doesn’t topple the trees over. I didn’t know there was more than one Three Mile Island. Your neck of the woods looks so beautiful. You are so lucky.

  4. Interesting about the vitamins. I LOVE my frenchpress! I’ve had that darn bandaid jingle stuck in my head all week…thanks for adding State Farm to the mix! I wonder if the thing about crying is true. And those are truly some wild looking tree roots! I am glad you reserve the right to blog an entire post on nay of these subjects…I look forward to them!

  5. I enjoyed reading this today, bearyweather. Don’t know about the crying facts, though. I LOVE your disclaimer! Will wait to see if you ever write about State Farm ditties again. lol!

  6. I love posts like this with a bit of everything! I am off to test my vitamins right now. 🙂

  7. A good, informative post. I got onto your blog through Jumping in mud puddle’s blogroll. Sorry for barging in. I liked it and commented right away! can i add you to my blogroll?


  8. I really enjoy your post about the right eye vs the left eye when crying. It is actually the reason I found your blog. I am interested in it and personally find it to be true. Just think back to when you last cried. You can’t really force it can you.. otherwise that wouldn’t be a fair test. I am going to keep reading your blog 🙂

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