Mysterious Visitor . . .

“The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible.” ~ Oscar Wilde

First of all, I am going to sincerely apologize for the bad photograph below of my mystery visitor (MV). I know, it is not like me to take a bad photo and post it, but it is all I have.

My excuse for a bad photo …. caught off guard and lost my presence of mind.

The short story. It was late evening and while I was walking around the house talking on the phone I spied this guy (MV) nosing around the bird feeder. I interrupted the deep phone conversation (sorry friend) with an OMG (Oh My Gosh) and started describing him (MV) to my caller … until the photographer in me snapped out of it and shouted loudly … “take a picture” .. duh!

The search for my camera ensued, the battery was charging (find another) … and focus, shutter snap, got it. The windows of my house were closed, but it was like he (MV) saw me or heard the snap. MV ran around to the side of the house as I ran through the house to get to another window. My last glimpse of MV was a butt and a tail disappearing down a trail and into the brush.
Here is MV:

The woods are not unfamiliar to me and I have seen a lot of strange things that send me to the internet or books to figure it out. MV is my latest puzzle. At first, I thought “very young coyote” (but, the head shape seemed wrong). Then, “fox” … but, he was not red, seemed bigger and where was his bushy tail?

With the helpful research of a friend, I have one possible solution to the mystery of what MV is … a gray fox. (see picture below) Seems like a good possibility .. coloring is right, size is good … however, they are supposed to live way over by the Dakota’s and southern Minnesota … not here. It is not unusual to see mysterious, out-of-place animals here. Adventurous, lost animals are spotted all the time (there was a cougar around last summer) … that is to be expected with the climate changes and the loss of natural habitat because people are invading it. Therefore, my only reason for questioning MV’s gray fox identification is … Where is that big bushy tail?

(Link to Gray Fox Information and another picture)
What do you think? Can you identify MV for me? Do you think he is a gray fox? It would be kind of cool if he was .. the information I found was that the gray fox is the only animal from the dog family that can climb trees.

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.” ~ Albert Einstein


~ by bearyweather on August 28, 2010.

2 Responses to “Mysterious Visitor . . .”

  1. grey fox was my guess at first glance…tail not bushy because he has it pulled down.

    • Thanks for the confirmation … he is strange to me because they do not normal live here. Someone else told me the bushy tail could be missing because of mange .. they pointed out the unhealthy looking spots on his coat.

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